Amazing!!!! crochet mini purse/Tunisian knitting

Amazing!!!! crochet mini purse/Tunisian knitting

Hello Sarita. Thank you for the wonderful MK. You gave a good idea to knit such a bag for the summer.

Good evening Sarita, I’m Silvia Rodríguez. Beautiful work, thanks for sharing, blessings and a big hug 🙋🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Your work is beautiful, congratulations, I look at you from👏♥️

Hi, very beautiful, liked it. To make it big how many chains to take . Please give the details

Vayaratoo chalaa. Vochandi shem elagee. Buttalu. Ally ksta padathe chalaa eyaras. Untai. Bommalu. Parushulu. Jada pulu. Enka chalaa. Na chinnappati nunchee vochu. Bat. Taym vestu. Dabbulu ravu kadha. Bat. Talent timepass. Super 👌

The cut of the brother wool means if you show it with two forks, it will show benefit.


Step by step nahi naty as we understand in squad video

Nice dear 😍😍😍😀

Hi very cute. Needle number pl. Thanks for sharing


Wow speechless 👌👌👝💯 thanks

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