AMAZING! that will make you WIN A LOT

AMAZING! that will make you WIN A LOT

Absolutely beautiful pattern! Easy to follow! Just finished my first one ️. For those talking about sizing… You can Google crochet beanie or headband sizes and you’ll find how many inches for different sizes and also she used acrylic yarn… Learn how to look things up like “how to wash acrylic yarn” instead of getting mad at the Creator! Stop being lazy… She just gave you a FREE pattern and content! For those mad that she didn’t model it… Make one and find out for yourself what it looks like or don’t but stop complaining! A free pattern is a free pattern!

Love this headband so easy and cute. I used a G hook and worsted anti-pill yarn . Worked up easy and thick! Perfect for winter! Great job. Thank you !!!👍

I just finished it. Super easy and cute. The width is a little big for me but that’s OK. I didn’t have anything to latch so I just connected the ends

Very pretty. I would love to see someone modeling it at the beginning of the video so we know what you are making and how to wear it.

This is beautiful! Do you have the written pattern? I would love to make some for my nieces

Awesome, have three little granddaughters who will be getting some headbands. So easy to follow the one on the loop. How do you start and finish the other ones?

Thank you for a lovely tutorial. I really like that you show how to do this in real time, not skipping away with fast forward. I don’t mind that on really big blankets & such but for smaller things, to me rt is better🤗

Absolutely love this, thank you! As a beginner, do you have instructions on how to create the buttonhole area? Thanks again!


They are beautiful and very well made. Thank you for showing and making it not difficult to follow. Thanks for sharing! 🌹

I’m needing to replace a purse strap, thinking if trying this with a clasp at each end? Hopefully sturdy enough without too much stretch. The strap I have now is made of metal chains and is heavy. An experimenting we will go. Thanks for the tutorial. 😊

Thank you for the tutorial. Was wondering if there is a written instructions to this? Also was wondering what size hair band did you use and hook size. Is this a standard size or is it for young adults, children? Sorry for the many questions. Thanks again.

I luv it!! I make these and sell them and i do pretty well with my earnings. However i never thought to use a elastic band. I will try this. Thanx

Are these really large enough to be a head band. The size looks more like a pony tail elastic. Do you have pictures of someone modeling it? I do love your design.

I think it’s a lovely design. To avoid confusion, it would be wonderful if you were to list directions or link a PDF w/them in your description box! You cut away to the full length without saying how long it is, how many loops vs rows, or showing us the crochet button how to. I’d try it if the ending instructions were in there. They’re beautiful, though!

Your work is very beautiful, despite not knowing how to crochet, I thought it was very creative! But I was in doubt: is it to put in the hair or is it a collar, to be worn over a blouse without a collar!? 🤔 Thank you!!



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