AMAZING You can’t buy a doll like this from a toy store Cute sock doll making

AMAZING 💥You can’t buy a doll like this from a toy store😍Cute sock doll making

A very cute baby. I worked as the mother of a cute little baby, which is my previous work, I hope you like this baby, have a nice time. Materials -36-38 pink socks -40-42 white socks -Material -wool rope -Fiber -Toy eye or button -Sewing thread -Embroidery floss -Fine wool thread for hair -Combing

Love the doll so beautiful 😇 the way you made her hair so very clever it looks real, thank you for sharing your talent❤️

Having made this doll is a caress to the soul Blessings very creative I love crafts

Absolutely bliss to watch the “Birth” of this lovely baby-doll 😍fantastic work and video ! 💐Ty ! i subs. 👍🦋

Congratulations, what creativity you have, what patience, God gave you hands, exceptional ability!! …precious dolls!!! I loved all of your videos!!! A true work of art!! Much more valuable than those from the factories! Yours have your love, life!?

Awww how adorable! I have green eyes & that reminds me of myself. Extremely talented & love watching all of your videos. Watching

Excellent, thank you for showing us these dolls, I always wanted to learn and be able to do something unique and beautiful for my granddaughters. Blessings

Excellent, thank you for showing us these dolls, I always wanted to learn and be able to do something unique and beautiful for my granddaughters. Blessings


A cool doll turned out, thank you very much for your work and master class, health to you and your family and friends, put your finger up, subscribe to your channel, thanks again.

I was so amazed when you made the doll tracks,wig etc it was too cute when I saw you doing it and then it turns out to be that with the yard omg professional

Wow…👏👏👏I loved your work, I love handicrafts beautiful, beautiful or rather your works are beautiful!!!😊I want to do it too, I already work with crafts too😘

What a lovely doll…!!! Your skilled hands makes wonderful companions for little girls that look beautiful…!!! You are gifted and that is a blessing…!!! Thank you for sharing and educating me…!!!


Wow wow wow that was absolutely amazing to watch I have never watched anything like this before You are very talented in what you do and what you create.This is the first time I have watched your video so I’ll be watching more from now on.xx

A sock doll, gave me my first as an artisan at the age of 6. I didn’t even know how to sew properly. My mother signed me up for a children’s creativity contest promoted by the late Mesbla, in Salvador, and with all the patience and didactics as she was an artist. and very gifted, she guided me through the sewing process, helping me to make the details; clothes, hair, hat, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. We even made a lace parasol. I did it, and I won first place in the crafts category. My father, always attentive and sensitive, and realizing that my two brothers loved it, and I, the only female daughter, stayed in a corner just watching, dismantled everything, in the dead of night and went back to the store and asked permission to use the value of the slot, exchanging it for other things It was a toy that never ended! Yes Velocipede, scooter, a huge kitchen pantry, different cars, blackboard, and even a AMIGUINHA doll! The biggest in the store! Today I found myself in front of these reminiscences through your beautiful and fantastic doll Congratulations May God bless your hands 👐

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