oday’s step-by-step you will learn how to make this BEAUTIFUL WORK BAG NEWLY CONSTRUCTED IN THE NAUTICAL WIRE MODEL. The NAUTICO yarn bag is very practical and versatile. Stay with me until the end of the video!

Oh my God, I even took a private class to learn this scholarship, but the teacher couldn’t teach me. 😍 someone else teaches it here on YouTube, but not with as many details as you, now I can do it, thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Oh my God, there’s money to buy so much nautical thread and make these beautiful bags. I’ve already made four, I can’t help but make them and give them as gifts.🥰😍😍👏👏👏

It’s too good to see this woman teaching with so much dedication, blessed hands. I wish I could buy yarn to make them all!

Good morning . I saw your channel by chance and I really liked it. I’m a beginner in crochet and I’m loving your class, very well explanatory. Thanks for teaching. Grateful!

Soon I will make some beauties like this!!!! meanwhile I watch your videos and all the advertising! success and more success for you

Myth beautiful sophisticated elegance in beauty congratulations and thank you for remembering us.


Lovely!!! Do you think it would look good with mesh thread? Thank you for your time and dedication.

Good morning, Lany, how do I make this bag without enclosing the ring? Wanted one of the part to appear, how many current would it be? super teacher…a lot.I are a sweetheart

Just a doubt please in the decrease rows and done in sequence or each decrease make a straight row

I love the grounded reality of this channel!!, Despite the recession, I am no longer dependent on government subsidies

Very elegant bag. Do you add German subtitles? How much yarn/meter do you need?

Oh… you’re really good at knitting. We as women can’t even fight. Good detailed tutorial, but it’s a little too fast, I’ll try to knit accordingly.

I like handicrafts as well. Personally, I like making paper flowers. I would like to encourage you to continue to create works and pass on good knowledge.

Fantastic thank you learn us very prety please how you are learning crochet ❣❣

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