Hello. I loved your video. I got confused in the turns. You started doing the shoulders on the left side and I on the right. Did I do something wrong? Thanks for the tutorial!

Hello, beautiful work that you do by sharing your knowledge and your top was beautiful!! I will do it to my girl thank you very much may God continue to bless you always 🙏❤

Wow! 😍 It’s beautiful and the coolest thing is my size, super well explained👏👏👏 so I can make it in another size🌷🌷

What a beautiful blouse, thank you for sharing, and how kind you are, always on the lookout for an answer, thank you, pretty lady ☺️ I have crystal thread in black and wine, I am going to make it combined because I have less than a quarter of each, I plan to make the torso and sleeves in black and the most openwork in wine color, I hope it looks this beautiful on me☺️🌻

I’m not sure if you can read this comment but I thank you very much for such an excellent explanation! I really enjoyed making this top <3 I just had a question, after you finished the entire edge with a single crochet, did you start to make the straps on the same side without cutting the yarn?? I think I got confused in that part so I wanted to clarify, thanks again 

Hello! First, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and patiently and clearly explaining the procedure to make this beautiful garment. I have started to do it but I have problems when starting with the body part of the blouse because from the armhole it is “wavy” could you help me with that? I would greatly appreciate it. My size is M and I omitted the last round of waves of 10 chains but I still have those ruffles.


I am a new subscriber, greetings from Ecuador, excellent explanation. I would like to know how many chains do you start with for a size L. Thank you God bless you

Here it says in the video that it is size “L”… that is, a large size. But so that you are sure that it will fit your size… try to use thick or medium yarn… if you are that size… and hook size 3. If you are petite or size small… thinner yarn and fine hook ..either 4 or 2..these are my experiences and they have worked for me

Hello teacher, good morning, I hope you are very well. I am happy to greet you and also thank you for this beautiful blouse!!!!. It fascinated me and I’m going to start knitting it. I hope you keep uploading 👚 blouse tutorials. So pretty as always. Greetings from Jalisco 🙋🏼‍♀️🙏🏻🙏🏻

Teacher, that blouse is gorgeous!! Thank you very much I love your channel. Would it be possible for you to guide me where to buy those tremendous breeze reels? I’m in CDMX Thank you very much for everything

Hello Lulú, I’m back, my health has improved a lot, I hope to continue like this, now I’m going to continue with my therapy, “The fabric”, this blouse is very cool, I’m going to do it and then I’ll return with the green one from the piñatas, I haven’t gone to buy the green thread, greetings and I see that you are fine, thank GOD! Greetings and a big hug!

Hello beautiful lady 🌺 I’m already subscribed 😊 and if each subscription helps a lot 💐 it’s as important as a comment 😊 and so we all benefit 😊 greetings hug and blessings from Costa Rica 🙏💐🌺🌷🌹

First of all thanks for the Turkish subtitles. I just started knitting. I want to do this, if I do it, it’s my 3. I find it very difficult. Your explanation is a bit bad for beginners. It would be great if you could give more details, I’ll try anyway, thanks❤ Maybe I can’t understand because I’m a foreigner, sorry, this comment was not written maliciously. 😊

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