Cannetille, wool thread flower embroidery /stumpwork embroidery

Cannetille, wool thread flower embroidery /stumpwork embroidery

I finished flower embroidery using Appletons Wool thread in the cool weather in the morning and evening. I used a unique French wire called Cannetille to make it look more three-dimensional and shiny^^ Please enjoy it. Thank you!

Absolutely beautiful and the music and sound of the thread passing through the fabric was so relaxing.

I had never heard of cannetille before and thought the gold outlining the petals was tiny stitches. What a wonderful discovery! Thank you so much for introducing it to me.

Very beautiful your embroidery, I loved it, gratitude for sharing this beautiful work with us. God bless you.

wow finally I was waiting for your update ❤❤ I love your embroidery style and sense in choosing soothing colors

CONGRATULATIONS for your embroidery, as soon as I learned to embroider, but unfortunately here where I live I won’t find this little wire to apply to the edge of the petals. LOVED IT!!.👏👏👏👏😍

Ah, it’s so pretty♡ The thick petals are so cute and I’ve never seen canetil, but you used it so beautifully… I really enjoyed watching it♡


As always, wonderfully illustrated and beautiful. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Delightfully amazing very very beautiful 🌹🌹🌹 health to your beautiful hands 💞

It’s beautiful, where can I order the flower lining that you used and what kind of fabric did you used to sew the flowers on? Thank you!

Your work fascinates me, thanks for this wonderful class, a question where they could be applied, they could be earrings or simply for decoration

Your embroidery is beautiful. Congratulations on your talent and thank you for teaching. All very delicate. 🙏🌷🌷

I think about how many wonderful people live on this planet. Inventing such an amazing work, doing gorgeous things and still living simple good lives. Pray for the mother Earth and all magnificent people who create beauty in their lives and ours, as well, at the same time. I love your work💞

Very beautiful. I had no idea what to do with this wire. Now it is clear. I like that Jasu repeats everything several times. It helps a lot. Thanks for!

What a beautiful embroidery, thanks for sharing. Does anyone know if you can find the cannetille here in Mexico? Greetings and blessings 🙋🏻‍♀️

I’ve been wondering how to make a flower before. It’s nice to be able to clear your doubts. I had a good time, and thank you very much.

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing where I can buy canetyl, here in Playa Del Carmen it is difficult to find material to embroider!

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