Cassette Bag, which is trending these days How to make it perfectly neat!

Cassette Bag, which is trending these days How to make it perfectly neat!

♥Hello little girls♥ Today, I made a giant yarn bag. It came out as a DIY kit and I was able to make it comfortably without any other preparations. You can customize the design by changing the pattern slightly. I like it because it’s an uncommon design +.+ Then, check out the video to see how it was made.

There is also a flea market ^ 0 ^ It was very difficult to check the last comments on YouTube, so it was difficult to communicate with you guys!! And~ It was very difficult to communicate with the little ones who don’t use social media!! But now, let’s meet in our little village app^0^♥

I’ve never seen anyone make this type of bag so cute. I’m surprised and shivering at the number of processes! If you can make this effort, you can make any work!

Beautiful thanks for creating something so beautiful I liked the idea to make them and generate an income for my mom who needs it so much ❤😊

Cute bags! There are more steps than I expected, but it makes sense that there would be something to help the bag hold its shape.

About 5 years ago, I made a woven backpack from canvas fabric, into which I put a double padding polyester, and then sewed it into ribbons and braided it. True, I initially stitched the woven ribbons according to the pattern. First I wove the canvas, then cut it out and stitched the edges. And yet, I did not use a rigid frame, but strengthened it with denim, from which I sewed the lining. So the backpack came out soft, but kept its shape. And now here is the finished material. I’ll look for one on Ali Express. Thanks, I didn’t know threads like this existed.


interesting idea!! I didn’t understand a single word, but it feels like I understood everything))) you can immediately see the Chinese quality, while the thread was already covered with spools (just smiled)

What a beautiful and wonderful girl you are! Thank you for this video, now I want to make such a handbag too ❤️

You really have a lot of talent. i envy you. Even if I watched and followed it, I couldn’t do it because I was an asshole.

Before the lining was sewn, a magnetic button had to be attached. Bags 👍

If you want to make a big bag by increasing the size, how should you increase the size of the net by several centimeters? I want to know the mens size standard!

I thought it would be easy, but it seems to be difficult with a lot of detailed work, so I decided to look at it and feel good.

It was still a long way from spring! It’s already spring feeling, light purple and light yellow. It’s a color that reminds me of spring. It’s pretty;););>;>

Please put an auto-translation I want to make a gift for someone and I thought this would be very appropriate Thank you also for your work you are really talented❤

I am envious of the iPhone 13 pink you have.. I have been trying to find one in my local official store for my birhday since 3 months ago, to no avail. I have since stopped searching for it.

I wanted to make it for sale here in Brazil, but I don’t know the names of the ingredients used, and I don’t know if they’re selling it here, can you send it in writing so I can translate it?

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