Chic pattern with elongated loops for knitting berets, hats. Circular knitting.

Chic pattern with elongated loops for knitting berets, hats. Circular knitting.

Live and learn! Genius drawing. Huge gratitude. New creative success, dear craftswoman!

thank you very much! Very necessary and timely MK. Will wait! ❤

Thank you so much for a very beautiful, original braid! Just a miracle 🌹🌹🌹

thank you Tatiana! The left elongated loops do not even need to be unfolded, just pick up 2 loops by the left walls, the same should happen

THANK YOU!!! You are a wonderful teacher, nothing more, everything is on point. Thanks again!!!!!👍

Thanks  for your work! Loved the pattern! When you have time for everything, good luck, all the best!❤

What a delight!  you always have the most beautiful and comfortable hats, I look forward to this beret’s MK!🤗💞💞💞

Wonderful pattern. I fell in love immediately. Without delay, I started knitting hats. Thank you very much. God bless you.

Hello The pattern is just adorable! Thank you for your work! All the best and prosperity to your channel ❤❤❤!!!

Hello Your MK is a pleasure!!! Thanks a lot! The pattern is super, the explanation is very clear! I want more MK from you!!!

thank you very much for the amazing pattern. The most it is for hats and berets, it gives both warmth and volume at the same time. Who needs to take it more magnificently, add more loops after the elastic band, I always do it for myself personally.

The pattern is just amazing! I have been knitting for more than a dozen years, but I see this for the first time. I will definitely try to knit. I wonder how it will look in white. Just takes herself going to knit.

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