crochet bag with new easy and awesome design

crochet bag with new easy and awesome design

Bags Crochet channel, in today’s video, I will explain how to make a shoulder bag using the Egyptian cordon yarn. The bag is very beautiful, spacious, and very chic. bag good. It can be a small Eid bag for girls, as well as a large size Mother’s Day gift bag. Waiting for your opinion in the comments And ready to answer any questions

The width of the bag is 25 cm Height 18cm The depth is 4 cm Weight 500 grams including lining and accessories The thread used is a 3mm chain, about 200m long Or the equivalent of 500 grams 5 ms hook Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to receive all new Like the video, write a comment, and share the video are all things that help me to continue and provide exclusive and free content

Thank you very much, everything is clear and understandable. Your handbags are very beautiful, elegant and simple in execution. I so wanted to repeat almost every one. Thank you again!!😍🌷🌹😍🌷🌹

our bag is awesome! 😍🌷🌹 Thank you very much for the detailed explanation, everything is clear. I want to knit one myself))😉🌺

Simply elegant, easy design that I will be trying! I would like a deeper bottom though, would I just do more rows and decreases at the end? Thank you so much for all your time that you put into sharing with us. I do love so many of your designs. Love that this bag is all one piece.

Could you tell me what the thread is called, what do you use? Where did you buy it? Thank you, I love your work, God bless you


You’re great, ma’am. I congratulate you. I think it would have pleased old aunts like me to think about us Turks and make them with subtitles. Goodbye.

Really, it’s very sweet, and the method is very easy. Seriously, thank you, but I wanted to know that you used any thread.😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰❤

Lowe Oi recognize Ediki But I have a request, I wish, please, a check bag lined with a plastic net. It will be useful as a gift for mothers on Mother’s Day, and thank you very much ❤

So beautiful and so gentle I tried a long time ago to implement a bag with pockets from your channel, and it turned out to be very heavy because of the thread of the chain. Is it possible to make this bag with Egyptian macrame, which is a little thin, not like a rope, or is it not cohesive? I wish you would respond to

What a beautiful, perfect, good taste, wonderful job. Congratulations 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Everything is almost clear, a little closer would be) Very cool, thanks for the video, you have success in your work😘

Very beautiful work, I loved the backpack. It was easy for me to see it but putting it into practice is something else haha……A doubt. What is the name of the thread you are using?

Working on this bag, but could only find 2mm cord. What can I use to stiffen the cord more without using double cord or plastic sewing canvas

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