Crochet knitting pattern that you will see for the first time Crochet stitch

Crochet knitting pattern that you will see for the first time 💯 Crochet stitch

Thank you so much for showing this. I thought it was too complicated for me, but I tried anyway, and with your tutorial,, I was able to succeed where I never have before. These stitches in a pattern would only confuse me,. I’m able to do this with your video. It really isn’t that hard. I can’t wait to try them all. Keep them coming, please.🤗🌺👏👏💕

Hello! Health to you and your loved ones. Very beautiful pattern. 👌👍💕

Very interesting original pattern! You can knit a shawl or a vest – it will be very beautiful !!!!! Thanks for the idea!!!!!

beautiful, I really liked the design,… I’m going to make a sample to see if it works out for me… 🙏🙏👌

Good evening, so kind of do the tutorial in Spanish, it’s beautiful and I intend to do it, thank you very much, it’s difficult for me to knit and see, it’s easier for me to knit and listen

God willing 😍 There is no power except with God… God bless you Really cool style May God bless you, your life and your work

I love that way of teaching. Personally, I understand much more by looking. I don’t like it when they talk a lot. I continued with those videos. They are great. I did a lot of work with your videos


It’s a very special model. It would be more correct to say row instead of desk when you say 1st row in order to help with Musadeniz. good luck to you

I love you’re style to teach please tell me if I made this design for my jacket🧥( how I make neck line )….

If a large product, well, it’s very inconvenient to turn it over, tying 2 columns, I pushed it out, dissolved it,. Found another option.

So not for beginners, you never show how to exactly or link to help learn. I am not a beginner and this is purely ego. Dont title for beginners if your Not going to explain or actually link how.

Crochet and knitting are different things! You know this, stop using this as tour channel title please.😊

So beautiful, this would make a beautiful border on anything plain such as pillow cases, towels etc. Thank you. 💕

Beautiful work! What size hook do you use? Any written instructions?

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