CROCHET RUG – ROPE STITCH/Beautiful weave and easy to make -step by step by

CROCHET RUG – ROPE STITCH/Beautiful weave and easy to make -step by step by

In this video lesson, you will learn how to make a beautiful crochet rug. ROPE CARPET Made with an elegant, basic and very practical stitch, beautiful weave, you will love it. And with the guidelines that I give in this class, you can make your rug in the size you want. Prepare the materials and learn more about this beautiful crochet work. In this work I used EuroRoma Spesso Light yarn with 16 threads in mustard and ecru color. Crochet hook , 7.00mm ROPE Rug Measurements 93 cm x 46 cm with fringes 83 x 46 cm without fringes Weight: 985 grams

Look man, I started watching your videos out of curiosity, because I think your work is beautiful and your patience to teach. I bought needles and threads and I am already working with the Low Points, I am 58 years old and I found it to be a great therapy, and I advise those of my age to do the same as me, do not be idle and worried about the things in life, but navigate smoothly through the crochet points.

One day YouTube referred me to your video. I was so delighted with his calm way of explaining step by step; like a teacher who loves to teach! I went to the store and bought the thread, the needles and made a little mat with your tutorial on YouTube. I loved! Even though it wasn’t perfect. But I gave myself a break… it was the first ! 😉 Gratitude!

I don’t speak portughese, however this guy shows everything so clearly that it doesn’t matter:) This video is also good for learning portughese – what a nice calm and clear way of speaking. subscribed:)


Beautiful work teacher may God continue to bless your hands and the most rewarding thing is that you answer all of us, this is the best gift 😍🤩🤗

What a wonderful gift you have Teacher, gratitude for teaching us with love and affection, you are a being of Light !!! God bless you greatly!!! Your humility makes you unique and special!!! Gratitude 🙏 😘

It is a fact that there is no way not to like your channel, you transmit peace, we feel easy with your lightness, calm and your affection is very valuable. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you and share your knowledge with us.

Friend Marcelo when you are going to translate it into Spanish I am starting to get hooked on crochet due to my illness. But with you it’s hard for me! He worked a lot and I’m a follower of yours, a hug and keep doing such beautiful things

How wonderful ❤️❤️❤️ I love your explanations, He speaks calmly and has excellent diction. Thank you so much for sharing and God continue to bles

Our boy! This is a gift for teaching I’m definitely going to do it I’m in love with crochet, I learned by myself watching videos on you tube I’ve already made round, square, two-color rugs, several games, sousplast but I’ve never found anyone who taught like you, I’m sure I won more a subscriber, congratulations on your beautiful work 👏👏😍😍

Hi I love your work and your simple, delicate and super dictatorial way of teaching these beautiful works, I have already earned a little money with your classes, but now unfortunately I have Carmo syndrome, but I will operate on my hand as soon as I can. crocheting, God willing, a kiss, good health for you, okay

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