crochet shawl

crochet shawl

Wonderful, God willing, your explanation is excellent and the work is easy. I would like to know how to straighten the ends of the hair

Beautiful would have liked to have seen the completed shawl though, an English translation would be greatfully appreciated

Thank you, God willing, you are creative, and your explanation is clear and calm.

I like it a lot. It hurts that there is no subtitle or how do I translate it into Spanish. Thanks from Colombia

God willing, may God grant you success, and deserves to work like it. Thank you for explaining in a clear manner with an eye on the work

A very beautiful shawl, my dear sister. I wish you success and success in your channel. I hope you will be among the first👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹

Did you make a hat to match this shawl. The shawl is so pretty.

Beautiful shawl… it would be great if you subtitled it 🙏🏽… I’ll try to do it only with the images since I don’t understand your language and I don’t even know what country you’re from… greetings

Peace be upon you, my love I am a crochet lover and I work it perfectly, thank God And the video is more than wonderful, and the explanation is calm. May God grant you success, happiness, and improve what is in your hands But can we know how many rolls of thread? And thank you for your taste 🌹

May God grant you success in the distinguished work. May I know this shawl? Is it possible to make a winter blouse for boys with buttons and a collar?

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