CROCHET Tas Rajut Motif Crocodile || Crocodile Stitch Crochet Bag

CROCHET Tas Rajut Motif Crocodile || Crocodile Stitch Crochet Bag

I’ve made you complete with the screw handle. I almost gave up because I couldn’t fit in the video, always over or under chain. But finally I understand, the essence of making this bag is its multiples. In the end, I made the base of the bag in multiples of 6, but I made the base of the bag using another method, which is important, the final number of circumferences of the chain can be divided by 6. And since then I have finally been able to make it like in the video. Wow, the appearance of the result is the same even though the way to make the base of the bag is different. Thank you Ma’am for the tutorial, as a thank you I didn’t skip ads😊. More and more motifs for the handbags🤩

Shikardos !!!! I have known this knitting for a long time. Knitted chickens for Easter. Just fly away and the custard teapot is beautiful and does not cool down so quickly. I like it very much!

Very nice to do, I started with a little girl, happy for her way of explaining👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏😊😊😊😊❤👭

I don’t understand what language you are speaking and yet, I decided to watch you to learn how to knit this beautiful bag. Step by step, I turn the video at least a hundred times and go through it, I learned and knit this pattern. Bravo, bravo and thank you very much for knitting and explaining so well from me.

Ms. Febe, thank you very much for the tutorial, I have succeeded in making this patterned bag… Ms. Really the greatest knitting teacher taught me very detailed👍👍👍

Hello beautiful, I just found your page and I have fallen in love with so many beautiful bags. I would like you to upload a video on how to make the linings of the bags. Thanks for sharing.🥰🌺🥰good🥰🌺

since I learned to make this motif.. many people like it….it’s a flood of orders…it’s ok ma’am….🙏😍

to calculate the base, if you forget how many times, how do you calculate it? I’m confused about calculating it hehe.. sorry you’re still a beginner😊

Mom… How much yarn is needed to make a bag with this motif, mom?

Thank you very much bro, the tutorial is very clear, the method is so patient and easy to understand, it looks difficult, but it’s easy to make🥰🌺🥰good🥰🌺

It’s so beautiful, mom 😍,, I can do it or not… I want to try it but I’ve never knitted at all😭. There are GK schools, there are also GK courses, there are computers everywhere

If you look at the motive, it’s difficult. But because of the extraordinary detailed explanation of the tutorial, alhdulillah it can be done, thank you, it’s easy for the next tutorial the explanation is also like this, thank you sis

Very beautiful.I want to do this bag.thank you for sharing.

I’m sorry sis. Last year I made it work sis😊 but I couldn’t use it because I used very large threads😁 almost the same as shoelaces.. because there aren’t any poly laces for sale.. but thank God it worked… my core look for a polyester rope and repeat again and make sure you already know the methods😊😇

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