CROCHET WOVEN SHOES with combined double half pillar. Make your hobby an ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!

CROCHET WOVEN SHOES with combined double half pillar. Make your hobby an ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!

Thank you for visiting my channel!! I invite you to subscribe and thus support my content. In today’s tutorial I teach you how to knit shoes in 100% cotton thread, so go ahead and get ready to have the MOST COMFORTABLE shoes and thus start your business from home. You can weave them even with pabilo! Recycle soles in good condition (here on my channel I have a video where I explain how to do it). This stitch that I am using is super novel, I saw it there and I made some modification to adapt it to the knitted footwear. So I invite you to see the tutorial and tell me how you liked it. Ahhh if you want to show me the results there are my social networks for you to tag me I will be attentive. I forgot to tell you that I have other basic shoe tutorials in case you want to start your business with them. I also show top, berets, handbags, among others. I share my social networks

Very beautiful. 😍😍😍 Congratulations on your work. 👏👏👏 Gratitude for sharing. 🙏🙏🙏

Really with that explanation, they give all the desire in the world to do such a nice job, Thank you very much for your patience, I just subscribed 👏👏😊

I love your work, it’s really beautiful, I just subscribed and gives a very detailed explanation, a greeting and a thousand blessings for sharing.

A work of art! I congratulate you for so much skill and ability. Your work is precious! I don’t know if I could do it. Someday I will try. Blessings. 👍🙏💝

I liked. Well explained step by step. BLESSINGS. Thank you very much for sharing your experience

They are beautiful, I love how you design these beautiful designs by combining the dots


I liked your work I will follow your channel thanks you do it well explained well step by step thanks I am from Peru receive my greetings wishing the best 🤗👋⭐⭐🙋😀

Ufff what a beauty of shoes I have never made one, the stitches you used are very beautiful and very cool I love it

Many congratulations and blessings, your video is very clear, I am a beginner on the subject, but I loved it, I will try to make one like this! beautiful!!

Hello Rocio! I really like your work!!! Could you please tell me!! Where can I buy the soles to make myself some shoes? 😍

Thank you for your instructions, it makes it perfectly understandable, it makes it very easy. I already left my Like 👍🏻 and I already subscribed.

What a barbaric teacher congratulations!! I have not seen any other that explains as well and as clearly as you, I understood you perfectly 😍😀!!

Congratulations! Beautiful work! And in these times, it is very necessary to look back at what is natural, healthy and raising awareness of our resources. Would it be possible to have a sole made of some natural material?…we have lost contact with mother earth.

Thanks! I’m studying various techniques to learn how to make baby booties. I only make rugs and clothes. Gave me a light. Hugs 😘

Hello, Rocío I just entered your wonderful video, and I saw that the template says made in Guatemala, I deduce that you are from there. I’ve always wanted to make woven shoes, I’m going to start the task of finding out the sole. I already subscribed. A big hug

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