Cute Bear Crochet Baby Blanket

Cute Bear Crochet Baby Blanket

The finished size of this bear crochet baby blanket is approximately 28.5” x 28.5” (72 x 72 cm). In the first part of this tutorial, I’ll show you how to crochet a teddy bear square, how to make a nose, and how to embroider a small nose and eyes. You will make 13 teddy bear squares for your blanket. I used Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/6 as yarn. This yarn is very similar to #3 / DK / 8 ply yarn. It’s very soft, doesn’t smudge and has a great range of colors to choose from.

This is an easy crochet tutorial and as long as you know how to do the following stitches, you should have no problem making this bear crochet baby blanket: ch(s) – chain(s) dc – double crochet dc2tog – double crochet both together (also known as dc drop) EXdc- Extended Double Crochet (I’ll explain this stitch in the tutorial) hdc – half double crochet sc – single crochet sl st – slip stitch st(s) – stitch(s)

That is one of the best tutorials i have ever watched. I was able to follow right through and you made it really easy to see which stitch you were working with. Thank youThis is by far the best tutorial I have ever followed…you have a perfect way of showing the details and voicing them as well. My blanket turned out ADORABLE!! Just like yours! 🙂

We are expecting our first grandson in the spring. I am excited to gift this adorable blanket. Thank you for your instructional video . I am enjoying every episode!

This pattern is fabulous and thank you so much for the terrific organization and tips like the timestamps in the video! Very much appreciated. I plan to start this very soon for my cousin. You guys rock! 🙂 🙂



i’ve been slowly working on this over time, it’s so cute and your video makes it so easy to learn and make myself! just wondering on average how long did it take you all to finish? just a rough estimate haha

Just finished my second one, love doing it as it’s so easy and quick, thank you❤️

❤ I will definitely make a blanket for my daughter according to this description 😍😊

I can’t wait to start this adorable blanket. I usually just make girl blankets – perfect for my first boy blanket!! 🙂

Thank you for the beautiful tutorial 🥰❤️ i never thought i could make something like this. Thank you for such slow video enough to help us follow through

I just found your blog and Youtube channel, and I absolutely loooove your work and tutorials. Thank you for sharing your work and talent. I can’t wait to get started 😍

I have been crocheting for years and I have tried many different projects to try to find my niche in the crochet universe. I was NEVER good at sewing pieces together (amigurumi) or sewing appliques on to items. With your step by step tutorial and with your awesome tips, I learned how to do things I never knew! I LOVE Granny Squares and that is mainly what I make so now feel so thrilled to be able to make something new with them! Thank you for the awesome videos and tutorials!

I’m pregnant with my first baby ️ I don’t know what I’m having yet so I went with a darker gray with sparkles in it. I love it! This is probably the easiest tutorial I have ever followed. The way your videos are put together are so professional and the music isn’t overbearing, it’s relaxing. Thanks for everything!

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