DIY Macrame Air plant hanging

DIY Macrame Air plant hanging


This is amazing and has rewoken my love of doing it when I was a lot younger. With your permission I would like to make one of these as a gift for a very dear friend

This air plant hanger is so lovely. Can’t wait to try it thank you so much. Also have a question about another round wall hanging I saw in a background photo on eBay, but can’t find a tutorial anywhere for it. I have taken a photo of it and was wondering if you would be able to do it for us if it is allowed. Thank you for all your wonderful designs. ❤❤❤

Hello, I am always amazed by your work. I would have liked to know the dimensions of the wooden rings, internal diameter and width. Thank you so much

Amaizing how do you show all your macrame. I love it so much. Thank you to shere with us. God bless.,

Is there a specific brand of rope/cord you use? I’ve tried several and they are all very different

The class could be translated into Portuguese I don’t understand the size of the cord or the thickness is there anyone to translate thanks

I love the design, please pass the list of materials for its elaboration!, thank you.

It’s beautiful, I would like a little more slowly when weaving it please, and in Spanish to buy the material, thanks 😉

It’s beautiful, I would like a little more slowly when weaving it please, and in Spanish to buy the material, thanks 😉


Absolutely love this tutorial. I’m a beginner and had been wanting to try making something like a dreamcatcher . When I first saw the image of your thumbnail, I really wanted to try making one but was a little intimidated and worried if it’s going to be hard to make. But your tutorial was surprisingly simple and easy to follow. I had fun making this and even though mine didn’t turn out perfect, but I still love it. Thank you so much for creating

I love them, the original, congratulations!!

I really want to do this work, but I don’t quite understand the size of the cords. Can you explain it better?

what do you call that string cloth & where can we have it? thank you I like your creativity. Thank you for sharing. I subscribe your channel.

Hello, Happy New Year, I am delighted and will try to do this, for grandmothers like me, a very wonderful job, do not get tired of creating, Be healthy, I subscribed, and liked

I found your channel, I loved your work, I want to learn from you. I beg you, please, send subtitles, with the measurements of the cords, their names, because I don’t know anything. And you, where are you from? Big kiss and thank you so much, stay with GOD!

Thank you! I used your pattern to make the seat in my macrame swing with a larger hoop and it worked amazing. I appreciate you.

Hello, out of all the macrame channels I’ve watched, yours are the best by far. You don’t rush, you show exactly what needs to be done & how many times. You are super neat in your presentation & every single piece of work I’ve watched you do is just fabulous. I personally want to thank you for being patient especially with us beginners, not rushing through each piece & taking it slow so we understand what’s going on. And your pieces look difficult however they are not, when I saw this one I shook my head thinking it was way out of my league, however I watched it anyways. Now I feel confident enough within myself to attempt it & I know it’ll look beautiful just like yours. Thank you & please don’t stop creating, you are a treasure ️

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