Easy and quick crochet baby hat for beginners

Easy and quick crochet baby hat for beginners

In this video we will tell you in detail how easy you can crochet hats for babies. This crochet beanie is perfect for beginners as it is the first few projects. This video will give you four different sizes for a 0 to 12 month old crochet hat

I am a knitter going on 60 years. I always wished I could crochet, I’d try then I’d fail. I’ve made 5 of your little butterflies, and used on on a Baby blanket that I gifted, everyone loved it. I have now just finished a little hat. I’m so very pleased with myself, and it’s all your doing. Thank you so much for taking your time, teaching us. I can now say I crochet too. Bless You, and Thank You so much.

My wife and I just finished our first baby beanie, a gift for a friend’s new born after a month of carefully following your video. We are not the best learners, and the fact that we were able to complete our gift (which turned out really cute by the way) is a testament of your teaching ability. Thanks for this! We love your work.

Nice and simple instruction! Currently making this for my pregnant cousin’s baby while they’re all stuck in England, and probably can’t come home for Christmas, so I’m really looking forward to finishing it, and will probably keep making it in different sizes as the kid grows! Thank you! Love from Norway (we are cold and need many hats)

I just finished my every first time ever crochet beanie for my first grand daughter, it turns out sooo..gorgeous. I am so happy and proud at the same time. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work x


My girl can really reach you, sis, you are an inspiration for crocheters. Thank you for sharing with us all your wonderful inspirations and creations. You are amazing

I have been crocheting for years and years now and I love it. I now watch YouTube videos and make so much more. I am just making a small hat. Your video is so easy to follow. Thankyou so much. Xx

You made this so easy, comprehensible, straight-forward, and rewarding 🙂 Thank you SO much! Made my first NICE baby hat hahahah I’ve been crocheting pattern-free for years because I never understood how to follow a written pattern. I’m glad to have found your channel. Definitely subbing!!!! Again, Thank you. Especially for the different sizes information, so helpful. I have a 2 year old and we’re going to be trying for another baby [hence the itch to knit and crochet baby stuff again hahah] Thank you!

This is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU. This is so simple yet it’s beautiful and expensive looking. You are a really excellent teacher! I’m so happy and excited to have found your channel

Thank you so much for the adorable little hat pattern and tutorial. You make it look so simple and I will make them often for my grandchildren.

Congratulations are beautiful. I’m from Brazil and I love watching your videos, I really want to learn how to crochet and this cap will definitely be my first project ☺❤

Thank you so much!! I didn’t really understand what you were saying but the visual really helped. It’s recorder so good that I’m able to see the details of what you are doing and that helped me a lot because I am a visual learner. I never knew it was so easy, well you make it easy 👍

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