easy and simple halter sweater

Easy and simple halter sweater

As constructive criticism for a future tutorial, you should put the measurements in centimeters since the number of chains almost never matches because some of us weave tighter than others, or the thread is different, it doesn’t have the same thickness, etc. It would be very helpful 🙏🏻

Thank you 😍 my grandmother died 5 years ago and left all her tools and some things to finish. Learning is like a way to connect with her, thank you for making this process beautiful.

Thank you for your affection and dedication 🌹 your work is very beautiful. Thank you for having subtitles in Portuguese in the video lesson 💋❤

Really what dedication you have to present your video and it speaks highly of you to recognize the person from whom you learned. THANK YOU MAKES YOU GREAT!!!

Hello good evening, you have a new subscriber. How long does it take you to make this crop top and if it’s for business how much do you charge to do it, I’d like to start doing it but for sale, thanks. Congratulations for your beautiful work

Of all the crochet videos I’ve seen, even in English, this is the one I understood perfectly! Thank you very much, I hope to be able to make a top for my daughter soon.


I love it so much did for myself and my friends asked me to make for them also ….. thank you for this design 😊💛

I loved!! It is the first tutorial that I understand perfectly and as a favor the prox. Can you show when you do the two suspenders? I got a little lost in the second one but it turned out nice!

First time I see your channel. Divine!! I love the sweetness and clarity that you explain. Would you consider making a poncho? I’m waiting.

Very nice top 😍 it looks beautiful, however the stitch makes it look a little thick for a summer garment, but it can be improved with a very thin thread or only with high points. Thank you for sharing your videos 👍🌻

Hello, beautiful work that you do by sharing your knowledge and your top was beautiful!! I will do it to my girl thank you very much may God continue to bless you always 🙏❤️

I loved the model, I’ve already made two. I would still like you to put the centimeters since with another type of thread the number of rows and stitches changes. Thank you very much 😍😍😍

I’m not sure if you can read this comment but I thank you very much for such an excellent explanation! I really enjoyed making this top <3 I just had a question, after you finished the entire edge with a single crochet, did you start to make the straps on the same side without cutting the yarn?? I think I got confused in that part so I wanted to clarify, thanks again <3

First of all thanks for the Turkish subtitles. I just started knitting. I want to do this, if I do it, it’s my 3. I find it very difficult. Your explanation is a bit bad for beginners. It would be great if you could give more details, I’ll try anyway, thanks❤ Maybe I can’t understand because I’m a foreigner, sorry, this comment was not written maliciously. 😊

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