Easy tasseled crochet knitted bag making

Easy tasseled crochet knitted bag making

In our step-by-step tutorial today, you’ll learn how to make this beautiful crochet bag from FRINGED STRUCTURE knit yarn. Crochet bag from knitted rope is very practical and versatile. Stay with me until the end of the video!

Beautiful and very perfect my dear friend 👏👏😍😍 Thank you very much for sharing Kisses 😘😘💐

Beautiful bag, how do I make the increase? I’m going to make my first bag and I really liked your explanation, congratulations

Omg 😍 I love it.thank u so much for having English subtitles can’t wait to follow along with u and make this gorgeous bag 💖

Hello, dear teacher. I completed my bag today, it was very beautiful, I’m going to present it to my mother. I am grateful for your detachment, a hug from this virtual friend.

Hello. I’m from SP. Which yarn is more beautiful and better to work with, the knitted yarn or the nautical yarn? It seems that nautical work is harder. I crochet a lot of string rugs but I have never worked with these 2 types of yarn. I really liked your explanation, but do you have a video teaching how to do it and how to attach the tassel to the bag? Thanks

Thank you very much I was looking for a ricotta course I want to learn how to make clothes for children


I love the bag, it’s beautiful! You and you explain very well. I crochet, but I’ve never made a bag, I’m going to try to make this one. Thanks

I loved it , thank you so much for teaching us , I made this bag a little bigger , increased the stitches and it worked great ! I used two rolls of 140 meter premium mesh and a little bit was left 😊 ❤

Good afternoon Lany, watching you make this bag, I’m amazed at how easy it is with Fio De Malha. Can you believe I’ve had Mesh Wire for over 2 years, I’ve done it and dismantled it several times.. Then I gave up, they are saved… I’ll try again… Thank you for the encouragement you gave me…. Thank you…

Congratulations and this bag is beautiful 🤩 I loved it, I’m Zildeny resident of Macapá Amapá a hug for you 💋💖👏👏👏👍

How many rolls did you spend? I saw in some comments you putting the grammage, but I would like to know the amount of balls, because the residual is usually heavier than premium knits, so it would make it easier for us to have an idea of ​​quantity

It was so beautiful 😍Please, how many grams do I need for this piece? Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your beautiful work 👏👏😘♥️

I bought a residual knitted thread but it came too thick, the bag ended up being much bigger but I’m afraid to reduce the stitches and do it wrong How to reduce the amount of points?

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