I’m a grandmother, but my grandson’s name is on my profile and this is what I’ve been looking for… I loved it so much… Congratulations.

It looks cute, but it’s quite short and tight for me. I would like you to give me ideas to knit it longer (halfway down the butt) and how many stitches to knit to make it like a shirt

Wow! My admiration for you. I am new but since last night I am seeing you very delicate and beautiful you explain very well thank you very much I see you

Hello, good afternoon, I’m doing the bolero because I loved it, but I have a question: for the front and back I did 20 instead of 16 laps, so that it stays a little longer, everything else is the same, my question is If I should increase the same rows in the sleeves or knit the 17 that you did, I don’t know if I made myself understand. Thank you so much.

Wonderful, beautiful, perfectly well explained, soft and understandable voice, with a kind but very clear tone, you are very professional Congratulations, Blessings

It’s beautiful!!!! Something like this was waiting. I have a beautiful thread in cream and bronze and I am going to combine the motifs in bronze. It’s going to be beautiful on me 😀😀😀😀 thank you

I’m going to be very nice. Greetings from Veracruz, the only one I’m asking you, I don’t know which is the wrong side and the right side, could you explain it to me?


Just listening to you motivates me to continue knitting Of course it will be my next project as soon as I finish a vest that I’m making for the cold season thanks Greetings and blessings your excellent explanation

Beautiful project like everything you share with us, congratulations, thank you for teaching us. Would you please teach us how to knit a garment with tamm style thread… oh crystal thread, I would love it. Greetings.

Hello, dear, I am still waiting for a response to my comment, I see that you have responded to some. I only want from the heart that you allow me and help me make this vest in size M. 🙏🙏🙏🙏☺️ PLEASE THANK YOU

another extremely elegant sweater like everything you do, you are wonderful and everything you do is elegant and very classy, ​​I leave you a big hug, SUCCESS!!!

Hello !! Beautiful job !! Could you explain to me how to do it for SIZE “M”, please? -How many points do I start with and how many points to start sleeves? Could you help me to do it? Greetings and love

Hello, good evening, sorry, which yarn do you recommend to have it with, for example, would it be a breeze? Thank you, it’s beautiful, God bless you

Good morning, I wish you a happy day I made the squares, but I don’t know how to hook them together

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