Free Beginner Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern! Make in a Weekend!

Free Beginner Boho Crochet Shawl Pattern! Make in a Weekend!

Hey, lovely! Ready to whip out a gorgeous crochet triangle shawl pattern in a weekend? Well, this beginner level Boho shawl should do the trick! Grab your hook and some fingering weight yarn held double, and let’s dive right in.

We used 2 skeins Oasis Fingering yarn in colorway Rooted. Shades come and go – choose any you love

Hoping you find time to get started today and that you remember how absolutely amazing you are. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Talk to you soon! Chandi

You’ve inspired me to make this, I usually don’t like the triangle shawls, but this is STUNNING. Thank you.

Just finally getting the hang of this. ..on my second one now, then doing 2 more for my sisters : ) thanks for being so clear.

just finished this pattern. What a great shawl! I made mine more hippie with a nice multi-color fall cotton yarn. Somehow I got lucky and picked the right yarn and needle size and it fits perfectly!! I attached a colorful button at the front corner for closure and that worked great! It also doubles perfectly as a waist cover for swimwear. I am so glad I made this! It took me a full day and well worth it!


Another beautiful project that I have added to my list. You are such an inspiration to the Cochet /knitter community. Your words, your spirit, your voice lifts me up each time. Thank you

Idk why I thought it was a difficult pattern looking at it. It was so easy and easy to follow once I got out of my own way! Thank you Chandi for offering this pattern for free and creating this video tutorial! I’ll be making a second one for my mom for Christmas! She tried to steal mine when I visited.

Love this! Been wanting to make this for a long time. Glad to finally see a tutorial. Also, if you could do a tutorial on the moonlight circular jacket that would be awesome. Not great at reading patterns, mainly self taught. Thx.

FANTASTIC! Thanks for this 🙂 I had never crochet before (apart from a quick hat with chunky yarn) and this was incredibly fun and easy! The only thing I would perhaps have liked is that you used lighter and thicker yarn to show very clearly the stitch that the hook is entering when doing triple crochets into the “chain three” I guess I don’t really get it because i am a complete beginner but it would help perhaps! Anyhow, thank you so much, it was brilliant!!!

Amazing…. I saw this last night and today i started to make it.. I choose a cotton-linen-viscose yarn that i had and the result is just SUPER!!!! Thank you for this pattern 🤗 it’s just gorgeous and suits with almost all of my outfits!!!!!!! I loved it and i made it just in one day (super super fast!!!!)

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