Great Crochet Pattern for Blankets, Bags and Sweaters! Easy Crochet for Beginners

Great Crochet Pattern for Blankets, Bags and Sweaters! Easy Crochet for Beginners

I love this! I am going to try it with your single crochet and one using half double crochet. Fingers crossed!

Very simple n beautiful thank you for sharing, ,,,,🙏👌🏻

Well done, it is also possible without clarifications with the voice, especially since it is not possible to know all the languages, nice thanks and good luck 👍💕

nice design well done!! but what are you making?? I see you from Greece 🇬🇷💞💞💞👌👌 blanket? or something else?? what can we do with this design I didn’t understand?

These silent videos and they don’t put the number of chains in numbers to be able to understand something because they also put crap music instead of speaking and explaining with their voice those videos are useless

So beautiful 🥰 I love this stitch! I can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much for the subtitle instructions too!!! You are so talented! I love the hymns as your background music as well. Your videos have a loving, relaxing feeling. I appreciate you sharing your amazing talents ️ Many blessings

Absolutely gorgeous! I appreciate how you take your time to show us each step of this beautiful  Thank you!


Even though I am not a beginner, I like this beautiful pattern enough to make for a baby that’s due in a few weeks. Also, as I listened to the music, I kept wondering why I was humming it, then I realized that it is ‘Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’, one of my all time favorite hymns. Thank you for both. 🥰

New subscriber here😁. As someone who is extremely new to crocheting ( have only made one blanket, all single crochet), I found this video easy to follow. It’s a beautiful pattern, and not one I normally would associate with an afghan. Thank you!!!

Got 4 babies to get blankets done for, its been a minute since I crocheted but certainly doable. Love that you could even do alternating blocks and stich together.

To make a bigger blanket with more rows and less bulky/stiff I’m going to try with only 2 dc cluster stitch so my yarn yardage can go further. Very pretty and warm looking! Hoping to make it in a rainbow pattern with about 16 colors that I can repeat several times

Cool ! 👍 I really liked the pattern. I’ll try to knit a blanket for myself 😁 Thanks for the lesson 🙏💐

Just found this pattern, wow how easy and such a complex looking pattern, but looks so easy to do, thank you for sharing this, can’t wait to start!

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