I love it, I’m new to knitting and I finished it in 3 days… I’m very excited, I feel that such good tutorials are needed 🙂 <3

Thank you my Juanita 😍, for the way you teach us the art of weaving, I made 2, one for my daughter and one for me 👌. Since I discovered you, you have been my knitting partner 😁. A thousand blessings 🙏

Good afternoon 🌷! Your explanation is very good… well explained. Great, because I don’t speak your language, but it was easy to follow. Congratulations Professor Juanita, and much success in the Year 2023. You are very competent. Thanks!

Thank you very much for sharing the step by step, very well explained. Could you please share the image with the tables of the measurements, thanks in advance, greetings and blessings to all

I just finished the one that I am going to give to my mom because I really liked how it looks and it turned out beautiful ❤️❤️ congratulations because you explain very well ❤️❤️

Hello, beautiful and I’m going to start it thank you very much for sharing very well explaining 😘👌Beautiful headband I already made 2 and I’m making another one. Blessings beautiful 😍💓😍

Greetings Juanita, thank you for your tutorial, very well explained, it makes it easy to follow, the headband is beautiful, thank you, keep going God Bless You


Super cute… Very kind, thank you for your teaching and patience. May God rain blessings on you and your family… 🙏❤

Greetings, Juanita, the most beautiful, thank you very much for sharing a little of your time with us. I really appreciate it. I am going to make several of different colors to combine with my clothes to pour because I have a lot of hair coming out and I have to put on too much gel, but it didn’t even stop me. see all disheveled and now with these headbands you have solved my problem💐👑👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

I really like the way of teaching sulla to knit because it shows what number of needle she uses and, mainly, the number of wool she is using in each fabric, thank you very much

For some reason I got curious to start knitting, and looking at your video you explain stitch by stitch and I really like that, thank you very much for explaining in such detail, 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏☺️

I liked the model and now I’m about to do it🤗I’m sure it will turn out very nice because thanks to you explaining it well I’m understanding it🙌

Thank you Master for your teaching and above all for your sweet way of doing it. It gives peace and confidence. Thank you very much🙏☺️

hank you, it explains it well and slowly I made it with a silvery gray lower part and a black upper part with a mix of silver thread.

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