How beautiful ! I made lavender very simply from yarn

How beautiful ! I made lavender very simply from yarn

t turned out great!! 👍💕I liked it very much, beautifully filmed, and I wanted to repeat)) 💝🌷

Spectacular!!!… very beautiful and a very quick way to make… 😄Love this! Thank you so much for sharing.

Beautiful and well thought out thank you so much for sharing hugs Shelley ❤❤❤

really like the fabulous ideas of the fabrics that guide us to encourage us to do them and thank you very much for sharing your videos 👏👍🌻☺

Hello and welcome. Very cool idea and pretty. A pleasant afternoon. Regards….. 🍀🌺🍀It’s a very nice piece. I will do my best to make it. ❤

It’s so beautiful. Please what did you use for the green leaves? Thanks for sharing this video.So pretty would like to try this! What was the product you used to make the leaves?

Love this but when I add glue to the ‘flower petals’ to attach it to the stem, my yarn ‘petals’ fall apart because the glue melts the glue that I used when the ‘petals’ were still on the pencils. Any suggestions?

Beautiful work, very nice. Tell me, the sheets of what material is it? Thank you and many blessings.


Beautiful, congratulations and well explained, a favor, you can’t see the instructions, I hope they put them in black, thanks.

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Hello, don’t worry, I really enjoyed it, I will make it as soon as possible, thank you

Your works are very beautiful, the truth is, you have the gift to do that ️ congratulations, very good work

You will share your talent with other people and teach them to make a wonderful masterpiece, you are an example for other people, especially for me, you are wonderful!!!!

I love tulips its super pretty and very decorative I like it a lot 👍🗼🇨🇵 thank you very much, friendly 🙏

Hi, just thought I would let you know that your Etsy Shop link does not work. The Tulips are beautiful, as well as the crape dolls.


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