How to crochet beret cap

How to crochet beret cap

I am pleased to have you join the family of the Yalla channel. We learn crochet together. I hope that you will encourage me to like the video and share or share the video with friends. Of course, your beautiful comments make me happy and happy.

A beauty! It hurts the lack of subtitles in Spanish or at least in English, but it is understood😊😊😊

Thank you, the work is beautiful, God willing. I continued with you until the end of the video without getting bored, and I was just waiting for the result, and the result turned out to be very nice 💜 Thank you also for the way of explaining, very clear, and the most important thing is that you don’t talk a lot 😘😘

I wanted to thank you again because I am making 4 hats like her 🤗 and I will also make 2 😂❤

Beautiful, I followed you until the end of the video thank you madam for sharing

Peace be upon you ✋🏻 Your explanation is sweet and simple. Thank you 💗 I started working step by step with you 🎄🎄🎄

Thank you 🥀☘️💋 for the best channel

God willing, a creative and classy artist in your style ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘ Thank you, you are tired to teach us May God make all your deeds in the balance of your good deeds, O Lord 😘😘❤🤲

Good evening, I liked your explanation..because many beginners need an explanation, and your explanation with work separates the method easily. Thank you for your beautiful explanation 👍🏻🌹 With you,😘😘❤🤲🌹🌹

Thank you, my life, for your wonderful work, and you are all really talented. You deserve to follow up. But I want to ask you for a request, please. I wish you would upload videos of how we can make oval and floral tablecloths. May God bless you, protect you, and make your days happy. 😍😍😍

I am from Iraq today, this video fell in front of me and I followed it from the beginning to the end. Hands up and the explanation is simplified. Thank you from the heart ❤️

Thank you very much for this wonderful work. Frankly, I worked with you step by step. The explanation is sufficient and understandable. I wish you more brilliance. Your sister

❤ I did it and it worked for me and I did it for my daughter because it is her size and they asked me for another unit for my friend’s house ❤ Thank you very much for the easy explanation

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