How to Crochet for Beginners Crochet Flower Square Motif Step by step

How to Crochet for Beginners Crochet Flower Square Motif Step by step


Thanks a lot! Knit according to the scheme is simple. But to see how they knit beautifully and elegantly is always a pleasure! Moreover, light threads on a dark background are very clearly visible and the knitting method allows you to see every column and loop. And you don’t need to slow down the video and you don’t need to speed up either.
You can just watch and enjoy the art of knitting!

Thanks to the Google team for leaving a translation below for Brazilians, I’m loving it. Congratulations for the initiative!

Good pace knitting. Interesting, not complex drawing. Thanks for the master class. All the best to you in the new year.

I congratulate you, you show in detail, the step by step of your teaching in an extraordinary way, you motivate to learn, thank you very much

Wow! This is stunningly beautiful. A combination of two wonderful needle crafts. Crochet and patchwork quilting. Love it.

This is the most beautiful patters for the table cloth you have and I have started making it. Thank you for teaching so easily

So beautiful! When I saw that it was another language, I thought I wouldn’t make it but you do it slowly the way you can understand; thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and keep it up I loved it! God bless you always 😍🙏


Too beautiful I liked it a lot I’m going to do it I liked it thank you for sharing your work with us God bless you always you are yours

Good night dear I loved your work thank you for sharing with us with you it was very easy to learn. Bjssss

Thank you very much ! Very good video, great tutorial! Subscribed!!! I would like to see the knitting of the collar in your performance.

How beautifully taught without speaking..I’m a beginner without knowing ABC of crochet but I’m able to do what u taught in this video..lots of love to you

Very handsome! And it’s possible to do just watching. And leftover colored threads can be used, because those who crochet always have leftovers.

I found it easier too start with 6 chains, then worked 12sc into the ring and then increased in each stitch to 24 sts instead of 24sc in the ring 🙂 up too u guys wether or not you use this method 🙂

I am from Taipei, Taiwan, thank you for your work, I like it very much, you teach very clearly, thank you for spending Christmas and New Year holidays with me in this situation, thank you

Omg. I absolutely luv your work. Just found you today. are most definitely gifted. I have 1 questions dose it matter what type of yarn one would use. Can I use different types..again Outstanding .you have a new follower..👑👑

Hello, great, your fabrics are beautiful, how beautiful I would like to know how the squares come together for a quilt, thank you, how beautiful, all blessings 😘😘😂

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