How To Crochet Thalposh, Woolen Rumal, Table cover Thalpos Tutorial

How To Crochet Thalposh, Woolen Rumal, Table cover Thalpos Tutorial

Learn how to crochet this new thalposh design. This is a step by step Hindi tutorial with which you can easily crochet a beautiful doily. This woolen rumal is really easy to make. You only need to follow steps. If you find my placemat tutorial very fast or slow, it can be easily adjusted with the help of youtube’s playback speed option.

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Your way of explaining is very good and what to say about the design 👌👌


How do we study tissue with you? I’m very interested, I want to learn

Home Assam ka hu aap ka video bohot acha lagta hai, aap ka sehra kyu nahi dilte hai


2 trampling works fine, after completing 3 trampling, a basket is made… how will it be fine, please reply..

lease tell in the comment why it becomes like a hat while making it in number 9.

Mama took that 3 times and then holding that thread I can’t understand what she did plzzzzzzz

You have made a lot of happiness 🙏👍🌹🤝

How does it become like a cap when made in three numbers?

What a beautiful little bag, greetings from Tijuana and although there are no tutorials or anything, it is very well explained, one understands it very well, congratulations

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