How to Make a Knitting Yarn & Beads Covered Elastic Hair Tie Hair Band

How to Make a Knitting Yarn & Beads Covered Elastic Hair Tie Hair Band 

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Honestly, best scrunchie video EVER. I just made each one for a birthday present for someone and made it in their school uniform colours so they’ll be allowed to wear them to school. Love them so much!!

Thanks for the video. I’ve made the 2nd one before, but not with two rows. I like the way that turned out! I’m going to try the first one with the double crochet, too. I’m making them with 3 different colors: red, green, and white with sparkles in them. Then, I’ll sew in little jingle bells. Christmas scrunchies to help make the holidays merry! 😀

OMG!!!!! I found your video this morning and I love you!!!! I made all the scrunchies this morning while having coffee!!! Thank you so much. Crochet is not my first language, I am a life long knitter, but your video was so well done I was able to follow along. Again, thank you so much!!!🥰

Great videos! Thanks for not chatting thru the whole video and chill beats. Coordination of colors was very inviting. I look forward to more videos 🙂


A friend wanted me to make scrunchies I know this is tutorial is from yrs ago. But this tutorial was awesome and easy I’ve made 6 today. Going to get more bands and make more for my nieces. Thank you for a great tutorial!!

Thank you for being so real and not trying to be one of those perfect videos<3 seeing others also having troubles sometimes is really encouraging, nobody needs to be perfect and sometimes there are stitches that just don’t want to work at your first try… it can be annoying but it shouldn’t be discouraging in any way. Thanks for the tutorial!

I have only just learned how to crochet thanks to friends and newly discovered tube videos. This lady was not rushing me at all and I will certainly be subscriber from the UK. Just a thought I am 77 years of age and have just acquired an iPad, never too late to learn new things! Lizbee

I’ve made both but especially LOVE the chain scrunchie. I’ve made maybe a couple hundred by now & give them to fam & friends. I prefer to make them in cotton yarn. Thanks for the pattern & great instructions.

Excellent. I am not experienced in crochet, though learnt as a child. I have always knitted but really loving crochet now. Thanks for showing the difficulties. Will make these for my granddaughters & I think my 7 year old could start with the fluffy. I have been lazy with my channel too. Life is just so busy. But thanks, I have subscribed:)

I really liked these and l will try them very soon. l learned how to crochet my Aunt taught me when l was 12 or13 years old l have made many blankets scarf and hats baby blankets with the pillow case for the pillow.🙂 I don’t do this as often like l use to so not as much anymore My last thing l was doing was a blanket for my bed and it’s a popcorn stitch it’s so pretty and it’s a lot of work.! And my blanket is a Queen Size And my Pillows Stander Size But l have 4 one is larger l ‘m Not Finished l need to find a certain color and it’s combined with White but l have to get the other color first before l can finish the little bit that’s left on the end of my blanket. l also need more to finish the pillow cases, And l just Love 😍 the idea that l made this l was surprised when l made my very first blanket l was so happy and just to know you created this item makes you feel so good and l’ve had sooo many compliments on my blankets scarf and hats and the many baby blankets too. I also knew how to knitted but this l really haven’t done in sooo many years.! The crochet l have done off and on but not the kitting so l don’t know if l still remember how to… But thank so much for a great New Idea.!

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