It’s hard not to fall in love with the honeycomb patterned crochet bag.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the honeycomb patterned crochet bag.

Video master class on crocheting a handbag of T-shirt yarn. The bag size height 19 cm, width 23 cm Materials for a bag: 1. T-shirt yarn ALTYN or other 2 balls (there are 100 meters/330gramm in 1 ball, yarn thickness 7-9 mm); 2. Crochet hooks number 6 and 4; 3. Magnetic buttons 3 pcs; 4. Rings 25 mm 4 pcs; 5. Rings 20 mm 2 pcs; 5. A chain 120 cm with bag hooks 1pc;

I immediately want to grab the hook and also tie such a beauty! Very feminine and unusual bags! Thank you ! You are very talented!❤❤❤

Thank you for the wonderful master class, everything is very clear and beautiful handbags, I’m just learning, but I think it will work out. Thanks a lot!

Very beautiful!! Thank you for the detailed master class!! Already starting to knit !!!

How convenient it is to knit handbags according to your MK, everything turns out, because the explanation is very clear there is nothing superfluous to distract, thank you so much for MK, we are looking forward to new works 🙏🙏🙏

I started knitting a handbag, it turns out very beautifully, I hope that it will turn out the same way as you did, thanks for the MK, everything was explained in detail, good luck with your creation.

A really wonderful piece! Thank you so much for the subtitles and for sharing it with us!!😊!!

Hello. You have the most beautiful handbags on the internet! I knitted two marshmallows for myself and my daughter-in-law! Thank you for such a great mod!!! Could you make an MK for a Prado handbag (large) I love big bags)🙏


Thank you very much!!! VERY easy and simple to explain. I knitted a handbag with you only from cord. It turned out just CLASS !!! YOU are just Wu mnichka!!!

I look forward to a new master class, I knitted 3 handbags with you. Thank you very much for handmade art

Hello dear you are amazing 😍 Thank you a hundred times for all the Videos/Tutorials you post here.❤ BAGS are beautiful one is almost finished and it is wonderfully red👜👠 Greetings from Hannover have a nice evening 💎👜👛👜👝🛍😘

Wow, what a beauty all handbags are Super! Thank you for the Master Class and your Mastery! Like and subscribe!🙏🙏👍💜

Zhanara are very beautiful handbags and it is clear that they are connected with love, thanks for the masterful work

I looked at the entire master class, how simple, intelligible and beautiful, but what a colossal work. Bravo craftswoman.

Hello, I love your work, your bags are wonderful 😙 What a pity here in Portugal that you don’t have this yarn. Yes, I see you from Portugal Elsa Rodrigues..

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