John Deere Tractor For Sale 5060 Price & Review of Specs 2023

John Deere Tractor For Sale 5060 If you are looking for a 60 HP heavy-duty tractor that is easy to maintain and low-maintenance,
you can find the John Deere Tractor For Sale 5060. This model is available in 2WD and 4WD
and is designed for a variety of farming applications. The tractor has the power to perform these
applications and is able to withstand rough terrain. There are several features included in this
model, including a PowrReverser(tm) system that allows it to reverse and work with its reverse

John Deere 5060 E tractor comes with an engine that produces 60 horsepower and a Dual
Clutch system that provides a smooth ride. It features a 3067 CC engine and three cylinders that
are capable of producing up to 390 lbf of torque. Moreover, this machine has a Hydrolically
actuated brake system and a 6-inch hydraulic lift.

Another excellent feature of the John Deere 5060  tractor is its ability to implement various
agricultural applications. The machine can be used to harvest corn, wheat, or even maize. The
rotavator is also a great feature on this model. It can perform a variety of tasks, including
threshing, spraying, hauling, and cultivating. There are also a number of other options for this
tractor, including a front-end loader, and a cab with a window.

5060 E tractor has an automatic depth control system. The two-speed transmission has a
nine-speed forward and three-reverse position. The overall length of the tractor is 3540 mm, and
its wheel base is 2050 mm. The weight of the machine is 2130 kg. It has an overall width of
1885 mm, and the maximum lift capacity is 1800 kg. The model is very popular in Indian farms
and is one of the most popular models of the John Deere tractor line.

What do you think?

John Deere 5060
is a very popular model of a tractor. This model has three cylinders and is
a great tractor for a variety of different tasks. In addition to its high-horsepower, this model has
good maneuverability and is easy to maneuver in the field. The John Deere tractor 5060 E is the
best option for many farmers and offers a great range of features and excellent value for the

A hydraulic wet clutch is the most durable type of clutch. Its superior durability makes it ideal for
multi-tasking. John Deere Tractor 5060 uses a hydraulic wet clutch to increase its
performance and durability. The engine is a powerful and versatile engine, and its horsepower is
a key factor in making a tractor a good investment. A heavy-duty tractor like this one can handle
any job, from small to large.

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