look how beautiful! I’ve never seen such an easy crochet!

look how beautiful! I’ve never seen such an easy crochet!

Hello, In this video, a beautiful crochet pattern consisting of 2 rows for beginners. This model is used in scarves, sweaters, tunics, cardigans, blouses and similar places.

Beauty is beyond words YOU are an amazing woman if you knit such a work of art thank you so much my admiration💖💝🙏🙏🙏

You could upload a model of a tablecloth that is not round but rectangular, which is not so difficult for a beginner. Thank you

My love, if you want to develop yourself and elevate them to the world of awareness and knowledge, you should channel Be Fine for the wonderful, wise

Thank you very much for all the videos. Beautiful designs! More please!

I love your craftsmanship. Very beautiful. Do you have a site with a full tutorial of this pattern. I can not read patterns, I am a beginner, and I would lone to make this for my mom

Very nice design ♥️ God bless 🙏 the work of your hands my dear friend 👏 thank you very much for your effort 👍 🌹 ♥️

So good. But I am 🤔 how u got so much vew in one day. I don’t know what is happening with me. Can you please guide me. It will be big help


I love what you do, please 🙏🙏🙏🙏 add a translation in Spanish, I follow all your videos, but it’s hard to count the points you make, with a tradition of number of points it would make it much easier, thank you very much!!! !! Beautiful everything!!!!😍😍😍👍

I really like the pattern you make very interesting and easy to understand. god bless your work😍😍😍

Wow What a beautiful stitch, thanks for having the patience to explain it so well, blessings 🙋🏻‍♀️🙏

I love your needles. Here in Brazil we don’t have them like that with decorated handles. Your works are magnificent. Muchas graci

thanks for the beautiful stitch teaching, it’s good to be able to learn how to make a blouse or vest God bless your hands

Hello my name is carla I live in Portugal I can’t do this crochet work I only got as far as you made the video it’s very beautiful this work congratulations kisses

Luis David I was very excited when I saw you doing the reason for the 🍃 🍂 leaves and you make it more explanatory than the one I was doing later I put the name of the video you left us thrown away in the 2nd round and the leaves showed them differently it was noticeable selfishness and me with the desire to make a scarf GOD BLESS YOU 😘 🙏 😅 DADDY AND THANK YOU 😊

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