Looking back at the hometown now, everything in the bag is blurred

Looking back at the hometown now, everything in the bag is blurred

Your work one of my favourite to watch coz although is not English spoke but I literally can follow your instructions, that how I really love youuuuu… Hoping more video to upload Ma’am😻😻😻

Wow!thank you for this tutorial. It looks like a luxurious bag. Perfect to give as a gift. I’m surely gonna make one.

Good morning greetings from Guatemala 🇬🇹. As always, thank you for such a beautiful job. 🙏 🤗 🌸

Good m

Hi, I’m from Germany and it’s great to see your instructions. Can you tell me what wool you used?

orning… greetings from Colombia, Nariño, thanks for sharing with us…! What a beauty of work..! CONGRATULATIONS.!

Friend I would like older people to write with black letters for reading and clearer thanks for being able to read my message congratulations that videos are good

Hi, I was wondering where do you order those tags and zippers that you use? Thanks! Great video

Excellent day, thank you for such a beautiful 👛 purse is very useful. Cordial greetings and blessings from Acapulco and of course I will share the video..


Hi love the purse can you please tell me how many stitches should there be on the sides many thanks

Mashallah, what a masterpiece. What a beautiful hand. May God bless you and give you good health🌹🌹🌹❤

Beautiful, of course, as usual, thank you, and by the way, it is possible to break it on one side, so you will be beautiful ❤🥀💚

Good and blessed day! 🙏🏼 Very happy to watch your videos and what I learn from you. GOD BLESS your hands and life!🙏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼😉🙏🏼👏🏼🤗🤗🤗

Your work is amazing, Masha Allah 😍😍 But please tell us the length of the starting chain in cm, so if we work with a different thread thickness 😘♥️

A more than wonderful job, and I enjoy when I bring you… May God give you strength and health, and always give you the best..💕 From Lebanon

Hi thank you for your video !! I’m from france 🥰 I’m doing your tutorial right now

Every time I intend to make a wallet, you will make a more beautiful one 🤣. You confused me. May God always improve what is in your hands, O Lord 😘

thank you. Pray for me to learn and do a beautiful job like you From Morocco, thanks for your effort

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