PERFECT­čĹî Unusual crochet pattern! very simple and stylish new design Crochet Knitting

PERFECT­čĹî Unusual crochet pattern! very simple and stylish new design Crochet Knitting

I know someone left a mean comment about just watching your hands and you should provide the written pattern, but ignore the unkindness. You are sharing intricate, unique and beautiful patterns for free to the whole world! You do not have to take the extra time to write up and post a pattern when you are providing a kindness for free!! I also just prefer to watch your hands because I never use written patterns; I learn by watching. I have not tried any of your designs yet because I am making hats for my crochet business, but I am wanting to move more toward these lovely, delicate patterns. I love your work because it is so unique. I have a hard time finding patterns made with crochet thread that don’t look like something my grandma would make. ­čĄş Yours are nice and modern but also classic at the same time. Thank you very much for sharing!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful work with us. Just lovely.

Thank you for showing the pattern in a “readable” way, I will use the ren pattern, very nice!

I love your work and this pattern to. I’m so happy that you are sharing your work with the world. Thank you very much! Cyndy



Beautiful crochet stitch, very clear video how-to! Proof positive that if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth a millionÔŁĄ maybe not a beginnerÔÇÖs pattern, however each stitch is familiar to most if not all beginnersÔÇŽ thank you for sharing, hope to see more in the near futureÔÇŽ

Your work is beautiful. A written pattern or more detailed subtitles would be very helpful

Wow!!! ItÔÇÖs beautiful. Great job ­čĹŹ I love it. IÔÇÖm going to try it. Wish me luck ­čŹÇ ­čśé

perfection…it’s not enough, this work is incredible, an inexplicable efficiency, very EXPLICIT, KILLED… I LOVED IT! Congratulations! CHEERS!!!

Hello! So you do it beautifully and easily, but I canÔÇÖt learn, but I really want to learn! Hello and good luck!

Not only the Pattern, the metallic Yarn is awesome. I havent seen any one on YouTube working with metallic Yarn. Beautiful. Thank you for Sharing your Knowledge.­čĺź

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