Suitable for the summer season; bag, wallet, blouse, tunic, vest, etol shawl model

Suitable for the summer season; bag, wallet, blouse, tunic, vest, etol shawl model

I am sharing videos where you can find crochet knitting models, baby blanket models, vest, cardigan, tunic, scarf, beret models, crochet shawl, bag, purse handle, knit shoes and knitting models that can be made with crochet. I make it easier to understand by knitting slowly, taking close-ups and explaining in detail, writing numbers on the screen. I hope I can be useful to you. Write us what you have in mind. I read all your comments. I love you very much

The techniques seem to be similar, but each craftswoman has something of her own, her own style, her own handwriting, her own choice of color. And it’s very wonderful. Thank you for this sunny drawing!

Very original pattern. You need to look with a hook and yarn in your hands. I’m sure I can do it. The lesson was excellent. I wish all craftswomen new beautiful patterns, patience and inspiration in the New Year

Beautiful! Your work 💖 and I’m grateful that you make yourself available to teach us! 🙏 I also love crochet and knitting, although I have more crochet skills. You gained one more subscriber 💖💖💖💖

Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful pattern. I’m from Russia. Despite the fact that I do not know your language, I understood how this pattern fits. The explanation is very clear. And the pattern is not ordinary and original. Good luck to you and all the best.


what a wonderful pattern! And you are, as always, very easy to get along with. Thank you very much for the master classes. I just fell in love with them! More simple and clear to me did not come across. looking forward to new ones. lung I give you loops!

Your work is wonderful and unique! Thank you for always bringing beautiful news and for the explanations so clear that even if we don’t speak your language we can follow.

Hi Emine, I’m from Brazil, I love to crochet and knit, I made a sample of this crochet pattern that you teach in this video, but if you had the graphic available it would be great.

Good afternoon Gorgeous pattern! Goodness and peace to you in your soul and everywhere. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pattern with us. 👏👍☀️💐

Thanks a lot for the great tutorial. A very interesting drawing. I have already added it to my collection of knowledge.

Hello Miss Emine… I’m glad i found your channel and i love this pattern of yours.. although I don’t understand Turkish language i have an understanding of how this is made… i just hope that you will have an English caption translation so that we, non Turkish subscribers can have a better understanding of what’s being said..thank you for sharing this pattern of yours…😊

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