Super easy crochet patterns for beginners (Baby Blanket, cardigan, tunic, vest, bag)

Super easy crochet patterns for beginners (Baby Blanket, cardigan, tunic, vest, bag)

Hello everyone. Knitting Patterns and Design. Greetings to the whole world, love. My name is Emine Karaşahin. I live in Turkey. I also teach history at a nice school. Just as I love teaching history, I also love knitting. Knitting is my hobby. I love to tell you about knitting by combining it with my teaching ability. In this channel, I share videos where you can find crochet knitting models, baby blanket models, vest, cardigan, tunic, scarf, beret models, crochet shawl, bag, purse handle, knitting shoes and knitting models that can be made with crochet. I make it easier to understand by knitting slowly, taking close-ups and explaining in detail, writing numbers on the screen. I hope I can be useful to you.

Lord, I hope that at least you and your loved ones are all right! We watch with horror the consequences of a nightmarish earthquake!

High applause and raucous cheering are happening at my house, right now! 😘❤🌹👏 Even though I cannot do it standing up, I’m doing my Happy Dance in my heart as I sit in my comfy chair! 🤣😂👍🏻 I truly love that stitch . . . Thank you for sharing it with us. 🇺🇸

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are well and all your loved ones personally. love.

I hope you are alive, and I wish our people, the Turks and the Syrians, safety from this earthquake, and may the people of the earthquake have mercy


Thanks Mary, I knitted it, it turned out as pretty as yours. Your explanations and clarifications are excellent. It is very easy to weave it with your direction. Thank you so much!! I’m going to knit the closed sweater with wool, similar to this jacket. I’ll tell you later.

Spectacular explanation. I loved. I’ll knit one for myself… THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU 💝

Excellent I love the project and how you explain it will be my next project I already did a previous one and it turned out perfect congratulations

Hello Greetings from Quito Ecuador. Beautiful jacket I fell in love with your work. Congratulations. Perhaps in your projects is knitting a long skirt. With that type of wool it would be beautiful. Thank you. 😊🎀

What a nice job, I can’t find yarn like this so soft, I come from Chile and I don’t know where to buy yarn like the ones you have, I’ve searched but there isn’t any, I am a person who loves crochet and toothpick knitting Blessings for your way of explaining , and congratulations for your beautiful work ❤

Hello hello…. Well I couldn’t get that thread or one similar, I got a thick one and I’m going to do it with that, I really liked it, so I hope it turns out beautiful… Same as soon as I can and get the right thread I will I do too 😊😘

Hello!! 🤗 Good morning ☀️ very nice work, 👍I liked it and thanks for sharing your design, you know it’s never too late, to wish you the best in the world God bless you wherever you are 🙏 a big hug take care. 🤗 🍀🌼

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