Super Easy Tunisian Knitting

Super Easy Tunisian Knitting

Simple and great! I like it very much, I will definitely try it! Thank you!

That is such a beautiful and easy pattern to follow. Thanks for sharing.

I realized that this is Tunisian crochet! Very interesting. You can try to knit this pattern from sectional dyeing yarn. Now my granddaughter is learning to crochet, I think it will be very useful for her.

Thank you very much, I thank the Lord that there are such talented and generous people. God bless you

Hello, excellent work, if possible, without music, so that I can focus well. Thank you. I learned a lot thanks to you, may God bless you

I like the stitch pattern, but I don’t know how to cast-off a knitting needle.

What is the name of this tunisian stitch? I would like to make a scarf with it


Very beautiful design plz explain clearly nd show wat is this? Sweater or cap

Hello, can I use something else to learn a bit to see if I can do that,an instrument hand made?

Thoda fande torosiya me le liye apne full sweater kaise aayenge ek crochet me

Love the tutorial but HATE THE MUSIC OVER AND OVER!! Every video PLEASE PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!

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