Super Easy Tunusian crochet baby blanket

Super Easy Tunusian crochet baby blanket

Hello friends; Welcome to my youtube channel. I produce videos on knitting and handicrafts for you. Would you like to make these models with me? If you like my videos, you can support me by liking and sharing.

Too handsome! You teach calmly and that’s very good! For those who are learning, it’s excellent! Gratitude ❤

Very beautiful pattern, neat and gorgeous. Thank you!

It’s very beautiful 😍 that stitch, or that work… and it’s not difficult. I think that for a blouse with 3/4 sleeves or without sleeves…it will be very pretty. Thanks for sharing

Beautiful work, congratulations 👏👏👏😍. I subscribed to one

Hello, good luck with your work, nice sharing, I like it very much, take it easy 🙋🌹👍

How to get complete instructions or pattern? I ️ that pattern.

The stitch is beautiful, but the needle is short, how do we make a sweater, for example, or another wide garment?

Can I get the written instructions on this stitch, so I can work on this without having to log in to watch the video

Hi mem I am shreeya I am Indian super design mem thanks you very much 🥰👍🙏

I am very fascinated as a scarf or baby blanket so many things that one can do thanks for sharing

How do you make it big enough for a baby blanket….. can’t hold but so much thread on the needle… honest question

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