The easiest way to crochet a backpack

The easiest way to crochet a backpack

In today’s video, I present to you a beautiful design suitable for university students and school students The bag has an external pocket with a lid, and in the video I explain how to make the lining and also how to change the size . Bag width 15cm Height 19cm Depth 10 centimeters Weight 500 grams, including accessories The thread used is an Egyptian polyester macrame about 160 meters Or what may be equivalent to 400 grams 5mm hook Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the bell to receive all new Like the video, write a comment and share the video are all things that help me continue and provide exclusive and free content

Awww it’s so pretty as hell Thanks for sharing such a masterpiece and for putting Japanese subtitles!! I’ll try it!

Macrame cord! Such a cool idea! I wonder if I could use the glow in the dark paracord I have for this… Thanks for the video, I love how clear it is.

I love it! I’m glad you posted this video, thank you. Definitely need to try this. How do you attach the hardware?

Beautiful bag! I have some questions. How did you crochet the backpack straps? What metal parts did you use? The exact ones?

Can’t wait to do this… my winter is coming up. Great project to do while the weather is awful.

I love how it turned out 😍😍 although it’s a little difficult for me, the backpack is cute 😊

What a beauty, I hope to do it, I have never made one, I see it so cute, thank you for teaching, I hope it is as neat as yours ♥ thank you …..

Your work is very wonderful and your taste is beautiful.. I ask your permission, but if you would tell me the amount of thread in each video, because for hours I have leftover thread and I wish to do something of your work, but I am afraid of the thread that I have is enough. Thank you



If someone can help me guys, where can I get crochet supplies? Change the thread or needle, I mean the things that we close the bag with Thank you very much to the owner of the channel for the benefit👏🌷

Wow, perfect, I loved it, but I also found it difficult, even so I will try, congratulations on the work

Thank you, my love, but I can’t find the cotton macrame thread. You said that you got it from Nahed Hamdy’s group. I’m from Beni Suef.💕💕💕💕💕💕

Can anyone list the directions exactly? It’s becoming hard for me to understand the video, but the bag is very cute and I love how it turned out!

very amazing I’ ve been searching crochet bag, and I finally found it. I like color brown

How wonderful I loved your work I want to learn to do May God bless and protect you in every moment of your life in

Thank you so much for sharing 💝 I already started it, I’m going to make the decreases, when I finish it I’ll let you know Thank you 💓🌹🌷💕

Hello! I really love your work. I’m an absolute beginner and I wanted to make this as my first crochet project. May I ask what do you call to the rings on the back of the bag?

You are so talented. Because of your video, i am interested in doing crochet. Your bag is so cute that wants me to buy it. Hahhaa. Im so jealous of your talent. God bless you more and more

It looks so lovely and strong!!!♥♥♥ I want to make it too..!!! Thank you for adding subtitles too😘💕 I’ll have to try making it when I have time!!😆😆💗 Have a nice day today

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