The MOST BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE Crochet Pattern You’ve Ever Seen!

The MOST BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE Crochet Pattern You’ve Ever Seen!

Absolutely gorgeous! And not as difficult as it looks. Wonderful tutorial, thank you 🌹

Cool pattern, but I still don’t quite understand how it fits, but I’ll definitely figure it out

I’m thinking you forgot to put the chain multiples at the beginning of this. Thanks

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I’m a beginner and love the pattern. I appreciate that you didn’t go fast and the stitches are easy but it would be helpful if you kept repeating the stitches notes for each row. But that’s me trying follow and do the stitches at the same time. And the music ok but made it harder to follow because the words were repeating. But thank you for video and remember that theirs beginners out here.😊

I just found your channel and I love it so far. I love that you show a close view of what you are doing. Yes I would love to make a cardigan with this stitch but I”ve never made an adult size cardigan only infant size. I’m looking forward to seeing your cardigan pattern.


Beautiful stitch 😍. Excellent idea for a Cardigan or Sweater I would love to see the Tutorial. Thank you very much for sharing.

Good morning teacher Mari, I love all your projects. I would like to knit a size S vest with that stitch. thank you. I also tell you that the notifications are arriving late, many times they do not arrive. God bless you 🙏 🙌.

The stitch is beautiful and very easy, what I like about the purple color, I would use another and make a cushion…in gray or medium brown with thick wool 💜

Hello. Very nice stitch. I find it beautiful for a vest, or for whatever it is, it looks beautiful. Thank you, God bless you and continue to give you a lot of wisdom so that you can continue sharing with everyone.😍💕

Thank you, beautiful stitch, I am making a scarf, for my World Vision donations, a happy new year and that you continue to share so much beauty, blessings, a hug

Like 1299. A lilac cardigan, please. I still appreciate what you are going to knit, it sure is cute; be it scarf, blouse, hat. I loved the gloves like that. Mary, if you did two rights, now do two lefts, it all adds up. A hug and blessings. 💖💛💗🙌🙏🙏🙏

Very nice work, excuse me, can you tell me how much material you used and what hook # did you use? A thousand thanks and blessings for your life, ❤️🙌🌹

Hello, greetings, I congratulate you for your beautiful art, thank you very much for sharing such beautiful work, I will make a hat and a scarf, thank you❤

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