This shawl is very easy / crochet Etol shawl model making

This shawl is very easy 💯👌 crochet Etol shawl model making

I love crochet and I love your work so much. Congratulations! I signed up because I admired your way of crocheting and because of the subtitles available in Portuguese.

Your work is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to translate. I’ve made some of your stuff before, there was no translations, but you were so easy to follow so I counted your stitches. This is really lovely. Stella

The fabric unites us, it does not have subtitles in Spanish but since it is an easy stitch I understood it perfectly, it looks beautiful already finished,

Beautiful work, very well explained, I don’t understand your language but with the subtitles and seeing your hands it’s easy. Thank you

Gorgeous and easy. My favorite things. If you just put the number of stitches and what stitch you make and go at a slower pace, I can follow what you are doing by watching closely. Then you do not have to talk so much while you work. I appreciate how hard you work so that we English speakers can understand. You are a great teacher and kind person. Thank you so much for the tutorial. ✌🏻💐🐾🧵

For a long time I have been in love with convex and concave columns. wonderful. and then I stitch them. textile style. but the most interesting thing is that warm things, especially wool, are great


It is very suitable for a shawl, I like it very much, thank you. I also started with a silvery blue yarn, it turned out very nice. The models you shared are generally very beautiful and different. I saved many of them, thank you. As a person who likes to knit, I wish you more. ⭐💯👍💐👋💓

When I watched your video, my eyes lit up, I thought it was very stylish and also a good experience for beginners (I am). If I start now, I will only finish by New Year’s. I wish you good health and continued success.🥰♥🥰♥🥰♥🙋

Well done my dear, the examples you have made are wonderful, you have excellent works, and the examples you have made with a vest orsek, how nice it would be, thank you for your wonderful effort

MashaAllah very beautiful designi love crotch work. You are so talented person. God bless you. I will make it soon 💖💝👍👍😍


Hello from Fresno California USA 🇺🇸 The scarf is very beautiful 😍 but I wish it would be in English. The subtitles are very fast too read and to understand. 😔

It’s beautiful, I liked it a lot. I love all kinds of basket weave. I make shawls or cardigans by pulling the single chain and handrails in two times. It has a shabby appearance in this way, of course, it is more suitable for a scarf. Good luck to your hands, it is a very nice and simple example👍❤️

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