Hello Everyone, today I am going to show u how to Tunisian crochet the KNIT STITCH! Very easy and great for Beginners. Also, I will show u how to work with two colors.

You’re such a fantastic teacher and that yarn is perfect for teaching. I can actually see what you’re explaining. Thank you

I’m making a scarf with this and it’s coming out great! You’re a great teacher, and you make it so easy to understand what to do. Thanks!

Wow! What a gorgeous and unique end result. As usual Claudetta, your instructions were clear, slow and very easy to follow. I am definitely making this one! Thank you for sharing your skill and this lovely pattern.

I’ve done the”afghan” stitch using the same kind of needle. I never knew about this stitch until now. Beautiful! I already have the needle — I can think of so many things to make. Wonderful teacher — thank you!

That’s a really interesting crochet pattern, I’ve never seen something like this before. Will definitely try that out one I have some yarn leftovers the next time! ^^

I didn’t know how to knit Tunisian crochet. You made it look easy! Thank you for the tutorial. You are a great instructor👏👏👏

I am quite new to your channel and I just wanted to tell you how much I love the way you teach. You are incredibly clear with your instructions and your voice is very calming to listen to. I also love the close ups of your work. I cannot thank you enough as I am also new to crochet and loving every bit of it!

Thank you for a beautiful easy to follow tutorial! 🙂 looking forward to learning these new stitches when I get my new Tunisian hooks in the new year

You do such a great job showing how to make this stitch and changing colors, too! You are very clear, the video is close and clear and your yarn is perfect for your tutorial! Love, love, love this stitch! Thank you so much! Can this be done using 3 or more colors???? You’ve got a new subscriber!!!

Excellent tutorial thank you. I can’t knit anymore due to arthritis but I can do tunisian crochet for short periods. Now I know how to do the knit stitch! 😊

I love this tutorial! It’s easy and adorable! I used to make two extra loops to go up to the next row and now I see you don’t do them at all. It’s great!!!! Whole project looks neatly! Many thanks!

Thank you so much, just got a set of Tunisian hooks and wanting to learn how to make many things. One of my goals for 2020. You’re a wonderful teacher, I just googled what I wanted and you popped up, so happy right now 🥰 Needless to say I’m now one of your following people. Many blessings to you 💜🌹💜

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