very easy crochet baby blanket for beginners

very easy crochet baby blanket for beginners

o my channel on this channel i will share new models for you every day i will give careful and written instructions for new friends please stay tuned to share more models 🧶🌸

What a great tutorial! I’m a crochet beginner and this tutorial was really easy to follow. Thank you!! 😊

Not only is this design super pretty but actually so easy to learn?? This is my first time attempting a “fancy” crochet stitch and I find it so fun and easy to do even for an average beginner, ty!!

Thank you a lot !!! Because this tutorial is excellent! I can’t wait to try It seems so simple when you do it 😅

This is a very pretty pattern for a baby’s blanket 😍


I new at crocheting and I thoroughly enjoyed this… I picked it up quickly… I love this stitch… very easy

Dear Lass, hello this is my favorite place to see new stitches. And old stitches too. You are a very talented crocheter. Thank you Lass, 👵 😊

How long/many stitches was your initial chain? I want to scale this up to make a full sized baby blanket and want to know how long to start

How much yarn do you need for this baby blanket? Also, what size crochet hook do you need? I am so much of a new person to this I don’t have anything yes so I want to know what I need to get. Some of my family think that crocheting could help my fingers as my hands tend to cramp up. So I would like to give this a try.

I am new at crocheting, I love this pattern and the way you carefully show how it’s done. I have (5) chi’s sitting on my lap along with my ipad which makes it a little difficult to follow. can I get a written pattern, it would be easier for me than trying to hold my ipad on my crowded lap. If this site had attachments I could show u my crowded lap. Thanks for doing this for beginners like me, your work is really Beautiful.

Pretty design wish the video had more explanation of what your doing.

Can anyone, in English, tell me how many chains to use for a baby blanket, what size in width and length would that make that blanket, and finally, how much yarn should I purchase in order to make that size?

So we were making 6 loops to form a star, but on its third loop, I wonder why we have to go through the back stitch and not the front? It’s a bit tight and difficult to push the hook in. Will it matter if I take the front instead?

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