VERY EASY Crochet Pattern for Beginners! Great Crochet for Baby Blankets and Vests

VERY EASY Crochet Pattern for Beginners! 👍👼Great Crochet for Baby Blankets and Vests

for you, very nice design! but what exactly can we do with it??💞💞👌👌 see youWith the beginning chain, how many stitches are there as you don’t explain each segment you are doing.

So very beautiful and easy. Thank you for sharing this with me. God bless you for your generosity.

Very beautiful stitch thank you for this tutorial. I dont understand your language but i watch and learn. Appreciate your kindness.

Hello I would like if you make a video of this same beautiful point, but in a straight line, like a rectangle, or circular please. I love your work 😍 And I would like to make a blouse with this pattern, but my head doesn’t help me to know how to make it straight and not in a triangle 😊

Thank you very much. I will definitely contact. It’s very good that you put the number of loops on the screen. I listen to numbers. since she lived in Kazakhstan. The pattern is very beautiful and delicate. May God bless you and send you peace in your home.

Just found your channel. Your patterns are gorgeous. So happy you show instructions in English. Thank your for all the effort you put in.

Truly inspiring! 👏 👏 👏 I feel like dropping everything and starting on this, but I need to get the yarn first. Thank you.

t’s very nice, thank you, the half motif on the edges was very difficult for me in the previous model, it was easier and more beautiful, thank you

I love it, it’s beautiful, thank you very much for your kindness to share what you know how to do. For me it is a very precious gift.👍❤️

Curious…why is closed caption calling double crochet “double handrails”? Beautiful work at any rate!🤩

Thank you very much, it’s really perfect, well done, may God give you strength, I wish you success 👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹👋👋👋❤️❤️❤️

Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful work, I am just an old woman who likes my work very much, thank you amigau abazo

Awesome beautiful shawl, the pattern is sooo beautiful, the shawl is gorgeous, please tell me how many skeins of threads are needed for the shawl and from which threads you knitted, thank you very much for MK GOOD LUCK to you

Emine! Please accept sorrow and condolences to the Turkish people in connection with the earthquakes in Turkey today! 🤦 🙏😇

I go to work among men and spend on my family, by God. Then, by God, my brother, for two days we were deprived of food, and with me my children are young. See how they are. I swear to God, my brother, they went out of the house to the street and saw the neighbors eating.and ask for the name of my card and send it and do not be late and God will compensate you with all the best. My brother, you are men, if you see your family hungry, you will do the impossible in order to provide them with food, but I am a woman. Who raised the seven heavens that I am lying to you

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