VERY NICE IDEA !Look what I did with the can I found in the trash! MY GIRL WILL LOVE THIS! CROCHET

VERY NICE IDEA ! Look what I did with the can I found in the trash! MY GIRL WILL LOVE THIS! CROCHET

Hello friends, welcome to my channel, I am trying to share different and beautiful knitting in every video. Easy knitting that you can use in sweaters, vests, baby blankets, in many knitting, I shared a different knitting in this video, if you want to knit with me, you can subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell. Happy days everyone. VERY NICE IDEA !😍Look what I did with the can I found in the trash! MY GIRL WILL LOVE THIS! CROCHET

Oh I love this idea! Repurposing items or enhancing items with crochet is so fun and also practical.

Oh my goodness….how did you ever figure out how to do this intricate pattern!!!!!!! Absolutely so creative!!!!!!! The final outcome is beautiful….If I ever decided to try it I would have to watch you step by step and write down what the repeat is… your choice of colors too…..

Really beautiful and I would like to challenge myself and make one. Thank you for this wonderful tutorial 👍🏼

Very pretty. The stitch pattern would make a nice open airy summer chemo cap. I might have to see if I can figure out how to increase it. Thank you for a great tutorial.

Very cool, the gradation of colors is a masterpiece, and the stitch is very beautiful. Seriously, you are an artist. Thank you, my teacher. 🌹🌹


Thank you so much for sharing. I made two from the cans of used tomato (which is a bigger can), so I used size 4.25mm hook. I gave one to my sister and she loves it. They make great Christmas bag gifts. Thanks again! 🥰

I love this kind of design , it’s lovely. I watch it from time to time to learn how to do it. It’s beautiful. Thank you. I would like to see more like it. Same pattern stitch, but different ways. I love it.

Work show, very creative, gives a hand, but it was worth it, it was perfect and you explain it wonderfully. congratulations Beautiful work, love the idea, thank you 😊 🙏 😀

What a wonderful Idea. What a wonderful Talent you have. I enjoyed how you presented the pattern and your instructions were just great.

This work is very beautiful. I crochet but I think this one is difficult for me, because of the difficulties with my fingers. Very beautiful congratulations. It will give you a hat for the cold..👏👏🙏❤❤❤❤

I’ve been doing this with plastic coke ie: soda bottles of all sizes for years now and people love them! 💜💙 I used mine for house plants and the tiny ones are too cute for words 😊😊

I love this gonna close the top and put tissue into the middle cute for Easter candy and variations of color for other holidays! Great gifts too!!

You are marvelous, I love what you doing and very precious instruction. You are Jack of all trades 💐💝💐👏👏

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