Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,hair clip / sell and give as a gift.

Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,hair clip / sell and give as a gift

Hello friends, welcome to my channel, I am trying to share different and beautiful knitting in every video. Easy knitting that you can use in sweaters, vests, baby blankets, in many knitting, I shared a different knitting in this video, if you want to knit with me, you can subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell. Happy days everyone. Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,hair clip / sell and give as a gift

Superb work 😻 thank you for taking the time to show us this 💓💓💓 a genius idea the use of the crayfish point in the “rib” of the flower 💖

Hello! What a beauty!!! Thanks a lot! I wish you success!🎉🎉🎉You are so good at crocheting❤❤❤

The water lilies are very beautiful. I will definitely contact you, thanks for the detailed explanation❤❤❤


Good morning, I speak here from the city of Mutum Mg, I really enjoyed the class, you teach very well, and this flower is beautiful, hugs stay with God!♥️



Very beautiful I loved the way you topped the last van I had a hard time but I went back to the video and I managed it deserves a very beautiful name👏👏❤

I enjoyed making this beautiful flower, I’m going to put it in my beach bag, it’s top, thanks for sharing your beautiful work, may God bless you always greatly,🥰❤💐👏👏👏👏

I really liked this flower 🌸 congratulations you explain it very well, I managed to make my flower and it turned out very beautiful👏

What a beautiful flower it can be for everything you are doing pillow and even put it on the wall you can do whatever you want thigh bed table runner look at how beautiful you are note a thousand friend God bless your life always bye

I really liked your class. Each step of each career is well explained. Very easy to understand with this class. Congratulations!👏👏❤

Good morning! Thank you for teaching us how to make this beautiful flower and for a beautiful explanation, I’m making mine together with you, it’s beautiful. I agree with my colleague, I think it should be called an altar flower, it’s very cute.😍😍😍

Very beautiful this flower deserves a special name you explain it very well congratulations friend and I’m waiting for this treadmill it must be beautiful I already wrote to your channel now👏👏👏👏💞💖💖

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