Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,pincushion

Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,pincushion 

Hello friends, welcome to my channel, I am trying to share different and beautiful knitting in every video. Easy knitting that you can use in sweaters, vests, baby blankets, in many knitting, I shared a different knitting in this video, if you want to knit with me, you can subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell. Happy days everyone. Wow !! Super easy, very useful crochet keychain ,pincushion

Ecuador thanks you very well explained and each step is clear, thanks for sharing

Your work is very nice and well explained, thank you, I learned a lot, especially the neatness it has

Cute and easy keychains, a good idea to recycle lids and it can be with leftover yarn, Thank you

Very cute I do that way I put a tail of hair to occupy the caps but in yavero I didn’t thank you. Many blessings 10👌👏👏👏👏

It’s a great idea for another project I have arthritis in my hands and I can’t open the water bottles now with a hat my sister takes a break

Good morning, I’m from Merida, Yucatan. I loved that little hat. It will be that it can serve as a detail for a wedding or that I would put on it so that it is for a wedding



When you started you gave us the instructions that we had to complete the first round with 18 chains, but in the s cover and third you no longer put how many we had to have (I imagine the same) and in the third you don’t say how many times to insert the hook either In a hole. You only say that you have to have 36. Sorry, how many came out if we had 18, why do the videos do that? They don’t think about those we don’t know. They weave as if everyone knows what they are doing and then ask for it to be shared. How are you going to share something that is not explained well, that you can’t see where you stick the needle?

I am your sister from Algeria, please explain to us the explanation

Very cute rabbit I have been wanting to make one myself. But have not found step by step instructions. Would have been nice if you would have written instructions as you went along. I don’t understand your language.

It is very good but I do not understand your language if you could put a number on the screen it is easier for those of us who speak Spanish thanks for sharing

I made mine but the head was not the same as yours chubby mine was thin. What will I do wrong?


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