You won’t want to take it off! A chickpea knit coat that is the best 👏

You won’t want to take it off! A chickpea knit coat that is the best 👏

I’m Vicky from Hilados Malen and on this channel I enjoy sharing my knitting with all of you❤️ We are distributors of LHO Yarn direct from the factory and we ship nationwide with no minimum purchase 

I love knitting garments like this in one piece when the stitch is openwork, excellent explanation, thank you very much 😊

Congratulations Vicky, you have an excellent way of explaining, I loved the stitching and weaving in one fantastic piece, greetings from Quito, Ecuador, I will always be waiting for your

Your vest is beautiful, and all the explanations and follow-up are excellent! Thank you very much for sharing your experience and creativity !!!!!

Hello, what happiness to have found you here, I finally found someone who passes the thread with his right hand when knitting. We knit just like happiness. I already follow you here and on Instagram. I’m going to try to make that stitch, it’s beautiful,

Teachers are the ones from before I would say. My little mother, thanks to the fact that you explain divinely, now after years I learned what is the reverse and what is the right side of the rice point, thank you teacher, God Bless you abundantly.

First time on your channel. I really liked your way of teaching so clearly. No blah blah blah. I already subscribed. Congratulations for your work.



Spectacular!!! I am learning and I still cannot mobilize the Waters very well, but I loved how you explain, easy and simple.

A perfect explanation, simple and easy…..and as someone says speaking WHAT IS NECESSARY, without tiring as the vast majority do…..very simple I repeat and without entanglements…….and with each teacher they learn new things… how wonderful everything is… and thank you very much for the subtle teaching… THANK YOU AND THANK YOU 🙂 😊 💕 😉 🙏 💜

Vicky, what a pedagogy of yours! I learned to knit with you practically! (Once, after 15 years, I figured out which was right and which was wrong 😅). I knitted the bubble, chickpea (I made a shirt) and star stitches with your tutorials. I didn’t know how to raise collars or make sleeves without sewing them, but attached to the fabric, with your videos. Seriously thanks! I am not flattering you, but thanking and congratulating. You explain very well, you speak just and necessary and thanks to that the videos do not become tedious. Thank you

Congratulationssss… a clear explanation… I am an amateur knitter and your videos help me for a change and improve my homemade fabrics👏👏👏👏👏👏😍⭐️⭐️

viky. We fight for equality and inclusion. If you knit light-colored wool, your work table must be dark. Those of us with Low Vision cannot see your work. I wish all the teachers would take this into account to give us the opportunity to learn to knit

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